SCLS Administrative Council Meeting Agenda

SCLS Headquarters

 Chester Room

June 17, 2021, 10:00 a. m
Hybrid Meeting = in person and using virtual Blue Jeans option.

Visitors to the SCLS headquarters who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask while in the SCLS HQ building.

Unvaccinated visitors to the SCLS headquarters will need to wear a mask and socially distance.


Blue Jeans virtual login information:
Web site:  (There is no password for participants).

If a participant is asked to download software, they can choose to bypass this (join via browser).


Please remember to mute your microphone during the meeting.


Meeting Documents:

1.       Call to Order

a.       Introduction of guests/visitors

b.       Changes/Addition to the Agenda

c.       Requests to address the Council


2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes:  April 15, 2021 AC minutes; May 20, 2021 All Director Minutes

3.       Action items

a.       Approve voting shares for July All Directors fees votes

                                                               i.      Delivery

                                                             ii.      Technology Services

1.       Infrastructure

2.       Network Services

3.       PC Support

4.       ILS Services & GetIt

                                                           iii.      OverDrive

                                                           iv.      Advantage

                                                             v.      OverDrive magazines


b.       Approval of Agreements

                                                               i.      Resource Library Statutory Resources Services Agreement (no proposed changes)

                                                             ii.      Resource Library Supplemental Services Agreement  ( no proposed changes)

                                                           iii.      Agreement to Participate in SCLS Technology Services (no proposed changes)


4.       Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.       Delivery Committee- C. Baumann

b.       ILS Committee – V. Teal Lovely extra written report

c.       Technology Committee – V. Teal Lovely

d.       Consultants –  M. Ibach

e.       Library Innovation Subcommittee  - M. Ibach

f.        Building Needs Assessment Work Group – M. Van Pelt

5.       Items from clusters for initial discussion


  1. Discussion
    1. Use of ILS and Technology Contingencies for 2022.  Vote at All Directors.
    2. OverDrive magazines’ total price is $100,000 each year based on WPLC agreeing to renew in 2023.


7.       Plan for next Meeting
a.            All Directors Meeting – July 15, 2021 virtual


8.       Adjournment


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt. 


SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.