SCLS All Directors Minutes

05/16/2019 10:00 a.m.

Memorial Library of Brodhead



Action Items:

Approved the purge of charges over 10 years and under $100 to become an annual event in November


Holly Lague, NGL and Jim Ramsey, STO were introduced.

Administration & Consultant Budgets - Kerrie Goeden (you may view the power point in the attached documents online)

Building Needs Assessment Workgroup Update: K. Goeden noted the committee has been tasked with the charge to look into the options available to either rent, build, or move. †Goals, efficiencies, savings, and a building that operationally meets our needs and creates more unity between headquarters and the delivery staff was discussed. †A list of must have, nice to have, and pie in the sky were created.† Location has been discussed.† Each month the committee members receive homework and work together as a team.† Many things have been mapped out such as delivery route access, where the staff live, bus routes, cell phone coverage, and MUFN map.† Now the committee is discussing space needs such as how much square footage is needed, training space, storage space, etc.† ††Focus groups are being put together to discuss those topics.

2019 Agreements: Martha Van Pelt

a.      Statutory Resource Services Agreement:†

b.      Supplementary Resource Services Agreement - Change to SCIDs:† It is proposed that $6,000 of SCID funds be dedicated to Advantage in 2020.  SCIDS is money in the contract that the system pays to Madison to buy extra copies of popular material. The $2,091 amount from SCIDs for Overdrive will be eliminated and members will pay the full amount of the Overdrive fees in 2020.  Anyone in objection to the changes?† No.†

The contracts will go to the AC for approval and then the SCLS Board.

Databases ††††

a.      OverDrive & Advantage - Heidi Cox, Molly Warren & Lori Belongia serve on the WPLC Steering Committee and work with the Advantage selector for SCLS. See the power point in the attached documents online to view how the items are selected. A question was raised about streaming services.† Sara Gold will take that question to the committee to inquire.† Another question was whether Advantage is seeing new users increasing or if itís the same core people.† H. Cox will look into that and send the information she gathers to the member libraries. Audiobooks are growing the most, but we are investing the least amount into it and that needs to change.

Preliminary services models were discussed by Jody Hoesly.† (see the power point in the attached documents online for more information).†

b.      Statistics review and discussion

SCLS selectors, protocols, and draft selection guidelines Ė

c.      Statewide OverDrive and Advantage Overview†††††††††† Martha Van Pelt


i.                     How much money to lower Advantage holds?† Jody Hoesly provided a power point which you may view in the attached documents online.

ii.                   2020 Advantage Contribution:† System Directors discussed how much money to contribute to the base amount/reduction amount.† SCLS pays $5,605 to WPLC as well as $245,588 in 2020 to be a member of Advantage and WPLC.† We are the largest user of OverDrive at 23% of usage.†

The WPLC Steering Committee is meeting next Thursday and will be given the percentage increases and make a recommendation to the WPLC Board on 2020. OverDrive/Advantage fees.† That recommendation will go to the WPLC board and be ratified or sent back.† SCLS needs to know what the member libraries are thinking.† We will take the biggest hit because of the 23% usage.


Has there been any attempt to receive funding from the legislature for Overdrive?† SCLS and others spoke with RLL&L requesting funding for content and were denied.

At the state level is there any effort to get e-circ included into the circulation statistics?† R. Claringbole noted that DPI is not including e-circ into circulation because the federal definition is a physical item.† In the near future, the federal definition may change and the state definition may change as well.† The state needs to follow the federal definition. Based on the funding formula, DPI does not believe including e-circ statistics will help the libraries. Circulation is no longer a good indication of a successful library.

What do libraries needs to set aside for Advantage when budgeting?† There are budget documents online with the May All Directors meeting documents that provide two yearsí worth of figures including no changes as well as the $20,000 contribution.†


N. Studnicka asked what is the optimal expenditure and what are we working towards.†

S. Gold noted we need to advocate for better models and with that comes the game plan for optimal expenditures.


H. Lague asked why the pricing is what it is from the companies and digital publishers.† Do we have the information of how they set their prices?† Yes.† The prices are on the WPLC website.

There has been a lot of advocacy about the publishers pricing but itís an old mindset that they donít feel the information is free.† There has been a tiny bit of flexibility, but in short, itís a mindset thatís hard to change.

S. Gold noted an Advantage holds purchase recommendation list was created.† Every Advantage library can enter their waiting list into a template which indicates the holds ratio that will let the libraries know how many copies to purchase.† Itís not the solution to more money, but it will make it easier to determine how many copies you could purchase based on the ratio entered.

S. Gold noted they are spending more money on audiobooks than in the past but they always buy less copies because of the expense. ††Last year they bought 150 simultaneous audiobooks.

The WPLC website has tons of information available like policies, FAQ, meeting dates, etc.†


SCLS needs answers from the member libraries:

1.       Are SCLS members willing to increase their OverDrive contribution for 2020?

2.† Do SCLS members want to keep the Advantage account the same for 2020?


The libraries feel they need more information before making a decision. This is an important decision and the libraries want to know exactly how this will impact their budget. †M. Van Pelt will get a survey out with the various WPLC proposals to determine how much SCLS will pay as a system and then break that amount down to what each library will pay.† . The survey information will then be shared with the various SCLS representatives to WPLC committees and board to vote in accordance with the majority of member libraries in SCLS.


d.      WiLS review of database purchases - Sara Gold noted SCLS pays for the MyWiLS subscription for the member libraries that allows them to access to over 100 vendors for purchasing from Ancestry, Consumer Reports, Newsbank etc.† There are many vendors libraries can order from directly as well.† A WiLS cooperative purchasing member can take advantage of the discounts available which are listed on the website as well as holiday billing, WiLS deposit accounts, email lists regarding trials, and the timeline for renewals, etc.† The SCLS website has information regarding trials, new databases, renewals, and pricing here:††


In July, an email will be sent to member libraries reminding them to log into their MyWiLS account and provide them with spreadsheets, links and more information.

Delivery - Corey Baumann Ė see the power point presentation in the attached documents online.†


Marathon County Delivery


Technology & ILS - Vicki Teal Lovely Ė see the power point presentation in the attached documents online.



a.      Vote on purge of charges over 10 years and under $100 to become an annual event in November.†

Those in attendance approved to purge charges over 10 years and under $100 as an annual event in November with one objection from Brodhead and one abstention from Mt. Horeb.†
Do libraries need to receive their boardsí approval?† Yes.
Charges can be reinstituted locally if libraries choose not to purge specific charges.† Reports can be provided to local libraries for assistance, but the library would need to request it.† SCLS can send an email reminding libraries the purge will occur.

b.      Cost Formula/WiFi


c.      Technology Collaboration:† SCLS is moving forward with the statewide backup collaboration project that includes 14 out of 16 systems.† The back up services will also include digitization backup. †The servers will be in place this year, but figuring things out will take time.

d.      Bibliovation update:† SCLS is on track to do the migration in November.† Training for Bibliovation will begin in the fall.†



Digital Memory Project Update - Shawn Brommer[A1] [SCLS2] [SCLS3]  & Tamara Ramski:† You may view the power point presentation in the attached documents online.† The focus for digitization ideas from the March All Directors meeting were local history items in community collections and community engagement and programs.†

The Rock Springs library will kick off this project since the building that the library was housed in will be demolished and it held many memories for the community.† SCLS wants to help libraries engage more with the community.†† SCLS will develop materials to assist libraries with helping the community to share their memories and pictures.

Adjournment 2:00 p.m.



Future All Directors Meetings

July Ė Madison Central Public Library

November Ė Waunakee Public Library

 [A1]Ewhere lese.