All Directors Meeting Minutes


Reedsburg Public Library


M. Van Pelt introduced the new directors:  Carolyn Seaver, ALB; Stacy Kundinger, ARP;   Alex LeClair, LDI; Holly Lague, NGL; Tammy Hardinger, PIT; Susan Santner (Interim Director), POR; Jim Ramsey, STO
Richard MacDonald is retiring and will provide a program over lunch.

J. Tallman, CIA; J. Sansing, MID, T. Herold, DCLS, H. Lague, NGL; C. Shaffer, BER, attended the meeting remotely.

SCLS Foundation Leave a Legacy Brochure
– The SCLS Foundation revised the “Leave a Legacy” brochure and would like them to be distributed to estate planners, funeral homes, attorney, etc. to provide an option to clients for their wills and estate planning.  There were several copies available and the directors were encouraged to take as many as they would like and distribute them into their communities.  More brochures are available from M. Van Pelt and are free of charge. 

The SCLS webpage has a feedback form available to all member libraries if they would like to send any comments and/or concerns to SCLS.  The forms go directly to the system director and will require an email.  If there are concerns about the system director, those comments may go directly to the SCLS Board of Trustees president.


Building Needs Assessment Committee update- K. Goeden noted the workgroup meets once a month and the minutes are available online.  (See power point in documents online).
Is WLA Aware that SCLS is pursuing a different facility? Yes.
How will this affect PLSR decisions with the delivery hub?  Being that Madison is central to things like the UW campus and a high population, it would make sense that PLSR will have a Madison hub location. 

Database Discussion: 
M. Van Pelt

Review of WiLS and SCLS procedures for database purchasing

The only system wide database provided is Overdrive and Advantage.  SCLS purchases memberships to WiLS for all its members. WiLS performs the trials, vendor negotiations, and pricing for databases.
SCLS does the authentication.  Please contact SCLS before signing a contract.  We need a minimum of 3 months prior to a go live date to ensure authentication will work.

The directors were asked if they had any suggestions or improvements.    
BLV has a subscription to Tumble Books and have always gotten it directly from them and the price includes the school district. 
MCM purchased Gale courses outside of WiLS because they wanted a blanket license and cost for the county.  If they had gone through WiLS it would have been more expensive.  They receive a flat fee option versus per head. 

MID purchased and Creative Bug outside of WiLS because the price was better directly with no fees.

PCPL went directly with Hoopla and have been working with SCLS for authentication. 
There are some vendors that don’t work with WiLS and sometimes the price is better.


Delivery- C. Baumann:  See power point in documents online. 


Technology & ILS- V. Teal Lovely – See power point in documents online.

M. Navarre Saaf noted the Self-Check Evaluation workgroup recommends expanding RFID/Self-Check purchase options for LINKcat libraries to include one additional vendor – Envisionware.  This recommendation is contingent on getting software (patron and staff) for testing and that it works effectively with LibLime Koha and Bibliovation.  This recommendation will be presented to the ILS committee April 3rd.   

Were sorters included in the recommendation?  No. 



Cost Formula update:  The workgroup re-convened this year to discuss: reviewing the possibility of using contingency to cover replacement costs of existing access points, collect future replacement costs of access points as part of the network fee, review start up fees for libraries joining services, and access network fee formulas to better comply for E-rate and TEACH grants.


Community Memory & Digital Inclusion Projects Overview - S. Brommer: (See power point in documents online).  T. Ramski and S. Brommer have been discussing member libraries’ collections and identified six different topics that they would like member library feedback on.  They would like to know what you are interested in and what you want SCLS to focus on? The directors were asked to place dots on the Community Memory and Digital Inclusion project they are interested in.


Farewell Musical Program by Richard MacDonald and friends.


Statewide Collaboration (see power points in the attached documents online)

a.      Digitization - V. Teal Lovely noted a TEACH Wise Grant will support the purchase of 19 scanning kits for up to 41 libraries among 11 library systems in the state. 

b.      Technology - V. Teal Lovely noted 15 library systems are collaborating by participating in purchasing computers from Dell which will result in better volume discounts and each system will have its own portal.

c.       Workforce Development - M.  Jochem noted a LAWDS (Libraries Activating Workforce Development Skills) Grant has been awarded statewide from IMLS.

Some directors expressed concern that there should be clarification of the roles and limitations of what libraries can and should do when it comes to assisting with workforce development - such as entering patron information into computer.  It would be beneficial to present specific information and limitations prior to training.  M. Ibach suggested a survey be sent to member libraries to get information on their thoughts of what they would like to happen and address concerns.  A survey will be sent.

d.      PLSR - M. Van Pelt noted the final PLSR report is available.

e.      COLAND – M. Van Pelt noted COLAND (the Council on Library and Network Development) has been informed that the State Superintendent would like a final round of comments on the PLSR final recommendation report and has asked that listening sessions be held across the state.  The Southwest region listening session will be held Wednesday, April 3rd at the Spring Green Community Library from 6-7 p.m.  One call-in session will also be available to those unable to attend a meeting in person and will be announced later.

f.        Delivery - C. Baumann:  SCLS met with representatives from Marathon County to discuss creating a delivery hub in Wausau, which will fit with the PLSR model to connect the north and south and provide the opportunity to establish a presence to maintain contact with all SCLS materials.  The space currently has a dock and could provide an area for sorting of materials as well as storage. 

g.      Marathon County - M. Van Pelt:  Marathon County has indicated they would like to join SCLS.  SCLS cannot refuse a county if they want to join and the library doesn’t have to receive permission from WI Valley libraries to leave.  The SCLS Board was agreeable to Marathon County joining SCLS.  M. Van Pelt spoke with the WI Valley System Director and the initial starting point is to get the delivery hub set up and then move forward separately with Marathon County joining SCLS.  A pro of Marathon County joining SCLS is that there were be additional funds and resources added to the system.  A con could be the impact on the northern library systems.


Service Priorities Discussion - S. Brommer (See power point in documents online)

a.      Share results of the Public Library Service and Substance Abuse survey and discuss how we can use the survey results. 
There will be a panel session regarding Narcan at WAPL. 

b.      Discuss potential ideas for Community Memory and Digital Inclusion projects


Adjournment 3:00