SCLS All Directors Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2019

Madison Central Public Library



Action Items:
Approved the 2020 Delivery Fees

Approved the Infrastructure Fees

Approved the Network Services Fees

Approved the PC Support Fees

Approved the ILS Services Including GetIt

Approved the 2020 WPLC Digital Buying Pool fees

Approved the 2020 Advantage Fees

Approved 2020 Transparent Languages fees


M. Van Pelt noted new Directors:  Mary Friesen, Interim Director – Rio; Lisa Thomas - SGR; Debbie Bird - POR

Also introduced were Jaime Healy-Plotkin, SCLS Board President; and Greg Mickells, Director of MAD 

Attendance via GoTo meeting: J. Berg, DFT; L. Belongia, MFD; S. Holland, MRO; N. Ozanich, STP, K. Bird, AMH; K. Schofield, RKS; R. Daley, ROM; A. Barnett, MCM; C. Morgan, LAV.

Proxy votes were provided to M. Van Pelt from CIA, CSP, MID, NOF, RIO, VES, WAU, LAV.

Delivery Fees & Vote - Corey Baumann

i.                     Motion:  T. Herold moved approval of the 2020 delivery fees.  Ryan Claringbole seconded. 

ii.                   Discussion:  None

iii.                 Vote:  Motion carried.


Technology and ILS Fees & Votes: Vicki Teal Lovely

1.       Infrastructure:

                  i.          Motion: J. Bergin moved approval of the Infrastructure Fees.  S. Lee seconded. 

                  ii.         Discussion:  None

                  iii.        Vote:  Motion carried

2        Network Services: 

                  i.          Motion:  W. Rawson moved approval of the Network Services Fees. S. Kucher seconded. 

      ii.         Discussion:  None

      iii.        Vote:  Motion carried

3.       PC Support

                                    i.          Motion:  S. Hetzler moved approval of the PC Support Fees. H. Lague seconded. 

                                    ii.         Discussion:  None

                                    iii.        Vote: Motion carried.

4.       ILS Services Including GetIt:

i.                     Motion: M. Navarre Saaf moved approval of the ILS Services.  T. Herold seconded.

ii.                   Discussion:  None

iii.                  Motion carried.

5.       MyPC (no vote)


Technology & ILS Services Update                 Dan Jacobson & Vicki Teal Lovely

1.       Wireless replacement:  You may view the presentation link online.


Do we need help with cabling? Yes.

How do the directors determine the number of access points needed per library?  Each library will be contacted by SCLS in August and a survey will be sent regarding coverage and capacity. 

If you are a library that needs additional access points, can you add more at different times?  Yes. SCLS also understands that many libraries did not budget for it this year. 
Which E-rate year is this under?  2019-2020.

Will libraries have access to the back end?  No. 
Will the reporting be different?  Yes.

Will it continue to support the SCLS filtering product? Yes

When will install begin? It depends on the logistics of determining how many access points are needed.  Once that information is known, the install will begin right away.

Will there be downtime for patrons? Yes.

SCLS Staff will not be installing the access points in the ceiling or climbing ladders, so you will need to either do it yourself or have your maintenance person do so.

Will the access points come with the mounting brackets? Yes.
How do the access points receive power?  From the network cable.

Can E-rate funds be used for cabling?  Yes, but not in 2019-2020.  It would also have to go to bid.

More information will be available via tech blogs, in person meetings, and a survey.

2.       Technology Collaboration – SCLS is working to build a shared infrastructure statewide and are laying the groundwork and framework to share server resources.  SCLS is leading the way for statewide consolidation.


3.       Network & PC Support Policies-

4.       Bibliovation Migration & Demonstrations – Amy Gannaway and Heidi Oliverson provided a demonstration.



Digital Content Fees & Votes: Martha Van Pelt                                 

1.       WPLC Digital Buying Pool (OverDrive): 
i.          Motion: S. Hetzler moved approval of the 2020 WPLC Digital Buying Pool fees.  K. Linde-Moriarty Seconded. 

ii.                   Discussion: None

iii.                 Vote: Motion carried.

2.       Advantage:

i.                     Motion: A. Barnett moved approval of the 2020 Advantage Fees.  L.  Belongia seconded. 

ii.                   Discussion:  None

iii.                 Vote: Motion carried.


Flipster 2020 reminder - Martha Van Pelt noted that Flipster is no longer offering a system-wide pricing pool and therefore SCLS is no longer participating as a system.  Members will have to purchase Flipster individually.  Members have been reporting that the prices for individual libraries have skyrocketed. 


Transparent Languages 2020:

i.                     Motion:  A. Noel moved approval of the 2020 Transparent Languages fees. S. Kucher seconded. 

ii.                   Discussion:  None

iii.                 Vote:  Motion carried.

The libraries should have received an email from WiLS regarding the 2020 order and timeline.  If you have not received an email from WiLS, contact Jean Anderson.

Adjournment: 12:00 p.m.

2019-07-25/All Directors Minutes