SCLS All Directors Meeting

May 18, 2023

Waunakee Public Library & Zoom



Introduction of New Directors - Martha Van Pelt noted Pam Bosben is retiring as director of the Cross Plains Public Library.  Amanda Wakeman is the new director at Columbus. 

Service Priorities & 2024 Budgets

ILS/Technology - Vicki Teal Lovely:  You may view the technology and ILS budget documents on the All Directors website. 


Delivery - Corey Baumann:  You may view the presentation online.


Administration & Consulting

M. Van Pelt reviewed the Administrative Services revenue considerations in 2024.  You may view the presentation online.


Jean Anderson reviewed the consulting services considerations for 2024. You may view the presentation online.

L. Fritshe noted she is participating in ABC, which is a collection of audiovisual materials such as launch pad, play away, and wonder books.  Membership cost is $500/year and for smaller libraries that don’t have a large collection budget or space for audiovisuals, it’s a great way to maintain interest in the collection because there are always new things arriving.  If libraries have questions or are interesting in signing up, please contact Leah Fritsche at Deerfield. 


2024 Agreements:  Martha Van Pelt noted there are no changes to the agreements.

Statutory Resource Services Agreement

Supplementary Resource Services Agreement


2024 Databases - Martha Van Pelt
WPLC OverDrive & Magazines – the draft budgets were emailed to the directors.  WPLC will vote at the end of June and the directors will vote at the July All Directors meeting.

SCLS Advantage Budget Vote:

The directors voted to contribute $30,000 toward Overdrive for 2024.

Building and Move Update, 1650 Pankratz Street, Madison, WI 53704-4029                             

Overview/Project Status:  M. Van Pelt noted the server room move date will not occur Memorial Day weekend because we were not able to receive the building permits in time.  SCLS apologized to the libraries.  The server room will be moved at the end of June. 

Technology Cutover- Vicki Teal Lovely:   A presentation was provided giving specific dates for the technology cutover, which you may view online.
For the non-network libraries, is there a special log in for Bibliovation?  No. 

Will delivery distribute additional red totes if needed?  Yes.

Will SCLS send out emails making sure fines and fees are not assessed?  It was suggested that libraries could mark specific days closed in Bibliovation, which would prevent overdues, fines, and patrons wouldn’t feel the need to return the item immediately.  It was suggested the “temporary holiday” should reflect the dates 6/28 – 7/3. 

Can the hold list be suspended so patrons can’t place holds for 3 days?  A show of hands of those present indicated the majority don’t want to suspend holds.
C. Baumann addressed the volume of materials that may accumulate during the cutover.  Delivery will NOT be suspended during this time.  Delivery will continue to make all of the regular stops.  The 4th of July volume will take a while to get back to normal. 
Should libraries return items without checking them in?  Many libraries will be able to check in items through the use of wireless access points and hotspots on phones. 
Patrons can still access their account from their own computer. 
How will the libraries know when the system is back up?  Status wiki and emails.
A survey will be sent to the member libraries to determine their preferences for many of the questions asked. 

12:30    Adjourn