SCLS All Directors Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2021

Remote Participation Only via Go To Meeting


New Directors:  Bailey Anderson, BER; Natalie Jones, LAV;  The Rock Springs new library will be opening in July and the Baraboo library is getting a new name in July, which will be Carnegie Schadde Memorial Public Library


Service Priorities & 2022 Budgets

ILS - Vicki Teal Lovely – the PowerPoint of the 2022 ILS Budget draft is in the documents online.  The most important change to the budget is that we are moving to the Solus mobile app as well as the addition of Rio and Marshfield to LINKcat.  This budget represents a 3.7% increase over the 2021 budget but is offset with the addition of Rio and Marshfield so the increase will be 1.8% for member libraries.


Technology -   Vicki Teal Lovely – the PowerPoint of the 2022 Technology budget draft is in the documents online.  The 2022 budget is a 2.9% change from 2021 and is offset with the addition of Rio and Marshfield so the increase is 2.4%, but not all member libraries will see an increase due to device counts.


PDF editing options are being researched for pcs.  Lumin PDF software is being tested and we may be able to offer site-by-site licenses.

What we know about ECF Funds is that laptops, tablets, and mobile hot spots are covered 100% and laptops are capped at $400.  Libraries do not need to be CIPA compliant to purchase laptops (checking on Badgernet).  Libraries must have a account to receive funding.  Laptops purchased for checkout can also be used in the library as libraries begin to reopen.  The application window is mid-June for 45 days.

We don’t know  if BadgerNet libraries count as receiving E-rate funds (for laptop purchases) or if SCLS will be able to apply on behalf of libraries and use the SCLS account.
Several questions were asked in the chat and they will be collected and SCLS will respond to them.

MPL has a staff member that is getting the word out that it is coming and S. Lee will request an update in writing to share with the libraries.


Delivery - Corey Baumann – you may view the PowerPoint presentation for details of the 2022 delivery budget and delivery hub information.

Administration & Consultants - Mark Ibach & Kerrie Goeden – you may view the PowerPoint presentations in the documents online.

2022 Agreements - Martha Van Pelt

Statutory Resource Services Agreement – There are no changes for 2022. 

Supplementary Resource Services Agreement – There are no changes for 2022.           


2022 Databases - Martha Van Pelt


WPLC OverDrive 2022 - There will be a projected 5% increase in OverDrive to SCLS in the amount of $14,083.00.  Fees have been presented to the libraries and the directors will vote on the fees in July.


SCLS Advantage 2022 – SCLS typically puts in $20,000 toward the account.  How much money would the member libraries like to contribute?  The meeting survey said $20,000 for 59% of directors.  This matches the document released to members so they know what their fees will be in 2022.


WPLC magazines - Heidi Cox & Eric Norton: The WPLC Steering committee will be meeting and voting on possibly continuing in 2022.  The committee would like to know whether the member libraries are interested in continuing to participate/fund WPLC magazines.  This would be in addition to the Advantage account.  The members were provided a survey to indicate their interest in participating in WPLC magazines.  64.1% indicated they would like to participate in 2022.

Transparent Language (same price as 2021).  Fees are based on the total population of SCLS.  A survey will be sent after the meeting to decide which member libraries want to continue Transparent Language in 2022.  You will have the option to discontinue or participate.


Building Needs Assessment Workgroup Update - Kerrie Goeden provided an overview of the BNAW process and goals.  SCLS would like to select a site by this summer and break ground in the Spring 2022. 


SCLS Foundation Cornerstone 2021 x 2 - Martha Van Pelt

9/20/2021 Wisconsin Rapids – Bullseye Golf Course

10/7/2021 Monona – Buck & Honey’s in Monona


12:30    Adjourn



Future 2021 All Directors Meetings

July – Rome Public Library - virtual

November – Cancelled