SCLS All Directors Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2021 10:00 a.m.

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Martha Van Pelt noted there will not be an All Directors Meeting in November due to the WLA Conference.           


Delivery Fees & Vote: Corey Baumann shared the delivery vote shares for 2022 fees.  There is a 3% increase in fees due to the UW System contract.  $133,000 less will be coming in next year from the UW contract due to the PLSR implementation process in addition to adding a 5th day of service to UW.  Next year delivery would like to have a discussion about how to break out the statewide fees.

L. Oathout inquired whether the UW has another delivery option.  The UW is happy with SCLS services and has chosen to stay with SCLS. 
Delivery fees vote passed.


Continuing Education LSTA funding - Jean Anderson
DPI is funding continuing education in library systems through an LSTA Grant and approximately $30,000 is available to SCLS. We can use these funds to supplement our CE grants program and for speakers for our workshops and webinars. The timeline for using this funding is from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

J. Anderson is working on a new grant opportunity which will help member library staff attend a WLA Conference (WLA, WAPL, etc.), ARSL, PLA or other conference. This would cover much of the cost to attend the conference (with a few exceptions). At a minimum, there will be one grant per county.


Technology and ILS Fees & Votes: Vicki Teal Lovely – There is a 3% change from last year in technology, and a 1.8% increase in ILS with the addition of RIO and MFD.

1.      Infrastructure:  Vote passed

2.      Network Services:  Vote passed

3.      PC Support :  Vote passed

4.      ILS Services including GetIt:  Vote passed

5.      Use of technology contingency:  Did not pass

6.      Use of ILS contingency:  Was not recommended so did not pass



Tom Teska, Technology Solutions Architect, introduced himself.

ECF - Vicki Teal Lovely requested that all SCLS directors complete a survey indicating interest in the Federal Emergency Connectivity Funds (ECF) and 2022 E-rate.  Only libraries participating in SCLS network services can apply for E-rate, however we should be able to apply for ECF for any SCLS library that can comply with the grant requirements.  An ECF Decision Tree provides you with a decision path to assist you with determining if you would like to participate in the grant.  The link to the Decision tree is here:
Link to the ECF grant survey is here:
Please contact V. Teal Lovely with any questions.


Lumin PDF Editor Demo - Andrew Hoks provided a demonstration of the Lumin PDF software.  Lumin has set up a trial that will work on any SCLS supported staff or public PC.  If libraries feel a paid subscription to Lumin is preferable to adding a desktop shortcut to free Acrobat Reader on public PCs, please let A. Hoks know.  There was a question about Lumin security measures.  A. Hoks will follow up and let libraries know the response.


WPLC Digital Content Fees & Votes: Martha Van Pelt                                 

1.      Statewide OverDrive Buying Pool:  Vote passed.

2.      Advantage:  Vote passed.

3.      OverDrive Magazines: Vote passed.



The attendees and chat log from the meeting may be found in the documents online.