South Central Library System Board of Trustees Minutes
5/27/2021, 12:15 p.m.
4610 S. Biltmore Lane, Suite 101, Madison, WI  53718

Meeting held remotely via BlueJeans

Action Items:  None

: F. Cherney, B. Clendenning, S. Elwell, M. Furgal, J. Healy-Plotkin, J. Honl, M. Nelson, R. Nelson, G. Poulson, T. Walske, K. Williams

Absent: N. Brien, P. Cox

Excused: N. Foth, N. Long

Guest: “Jeremy”

Recorder:  H. Moe

SCLS Staff Present: M. Van Pelt, M. Ibach, C. Baumann


Call to Order: 12: 15 p.m.  J. Healy-Plotkin, President

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors:  None

b.   Changes/additions to the agenda:  None

c.   Requests to address the Board:  None 

Approval of previous meeting minutes: 4/22/2021  

            a.   Motion:  M. Furgal moved approval.  J. Honl seconded.    
            b.   Changes or corrections:  None

            c.   Vote:  Motion carried.

Bills for Payments:  The payment amount is $146,806.28

a.   Motion.  M. Furgal moved approval of the bills for payment.  K. Williams seconded.

b.   Discussion:  None

            c.    Vote:  Motion carried.

Financial Statements: 
M. Van Pelt provided an overview of the financial statements. 

Presentation:  SCLS Consultant Services – Mark Ibach provided an overview of the SCLS consultants and the services they provide.  For details, you may view a PowerPoint presentation in the documents online.  J. Honl inquired whether all the systems in WI provide this support service.  It varies across the systems. SCLS does contract with other systems to provide building design consulting as well as a conflict resolution program and digitization.  S. Elwell inquired how SCLS determines what consulting services are needed and how we select them.  Service priorities are the dominant topics at the March and May All Directors meetings each year. The Library Innovation Subcommittee fields consultant requests at its meetings also.   

Committee Reports:

a.      Advocacy – no report. 

b.      Strategic Plan:  S. Elwell noted the committee met May 19th and determined to keep the strategic plan “as is” with minor revisions until the impact of the PLSR delivery hub implementation and Marathon County are clear.  The committee will look at the last 3 years to address equity, innovation and communication and share the information with the board and SCLS members. 
M. Van Pelt will reach out to SCLS staff to receive input to create more concise core values without losing key elements.
The next meeting is July 23, 2021.

Action Items: None

SCLS Foundation Report:
  M. Van Pelt noted the committee met in May.  The audit and tax forms were approved as well as holding two cornerstone events this year.  One will be in WI Rapids at the Bullseye Golf Course and the other at Buck & Honey’s in Monona.   All library staff will be honored this year. 


System Director's Report:  You may view the System Director report online.  M. Van Pelt noted the Marathon County Public Library Director, Finance Manager and Support Services Manager have been placed on unpaid leave in response to an internal investigation.  A law firm was hired to do an investigation into a toxic work environment.  It was noted Ralph Illick resigned as Library Director of the Marathon County Public Library. 

PLSR Delivery new hub model – M. Van Pelt provided a brief overview of the history of PLSR.  There is an implementation plan in place for putting forth the recommendation of a delivery hub model.  The contract with UW expires June 30th this year, so a new contract is being negotiated.
C. Baumann provided a PowerPoint presentation with details, which may be viewed in the documents online. 
R. Nelson inquired about how often the delivery managers drive the routes.  The managers are currently available to fill in when needed, but are not scheduled on a regular basis, although that will change in the future and they will be scheduled to drive the delivery routes.  M. Furgal inquired whether the new hub model will create less mileage therefore less turnover of vehicles.  Yes, the estimated change may drop the fleet size by 3 to 4 vehicles. 
2022 Budget – M. Van Pelt noted there are unknown variables regarding the 2022 budget due to the PLSR delivery hub, UW Contract, Marathon County, and not having confirmation of receiving additional state aid.  Many things have been cut from the budget and M. Van Pelt inquired if the board would be willing to cut back/remove mileage reimbursement, snacks for board meetings, WLA membership fees, and reimbursement for Library Legislative Day in Washington DC.  If a board member is not interested or does not use the WLA membership, please let us know.  Moving forward, SCLS will only renew WLA memberships for SCLS trustees if specifically requested, (currently it is done automatically).

June Board Meeting – The Dane County order will be lifted June 2 for capacity, masking, etc., so the June 24th meeting can be held in person.  Those that are able to attend in person are welcome to and those that would prefer to attend virtually may do so as well.  Please let M. Van Pelt know how you plan to attend for the June meeting.  J. Healy-Plotkin will be attending virtually and asked if G. Poulson would be willing to chair the June meeting in person.  He will let J. Healy-Plotkin know.  M. Van Pelt inquired if the board would be interested in inviting Bruce Smith to attend the June meeting to discuss the delivery hubs.  The board noted they would be interested and M. Van Pelt requested the board provide her with any specific questions they may have for B. Smith prior to the meeting.  


Bills for payment:  J. Honl volunteered to attend the June board meeting in person to review the bills for payment and bring snacks!!

Administrative Council (AC) Report:  All Directors met 5/20/2021.  You may view the minutes online. 

Other Business:  None


Information Sharing:  None

Adjournment:  1:53 p.m.


For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Martha Van Pelt