Building Needs Assessment Work Group Minutes

January 9, 2020 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Badger Room




Corey Baumann         

Nan Brien                   

Kerrie Goeden            

Mark Ibach                 

Jesse Stewart             

Vicki Teal

Kristi Williams            

Martha Van Pelt

10:34:  Call to Order


10:35:  Approval of previous meeting minutes:  December 19, 2019

a.      Mark I. motion; C. Baumann second

b.      Approved


10:35: Reports: 



10:35:  Discussion: 

Marc Gartler Information


Developer Interview Schedule

10:53 - 11:50   Sullivan Design Build (db since 1982)

John Riley, President & Jeremy Vaske, Preconstruction Manager/Estimator

Good reputation, don’t owe money, union shop, general contractor AND design build

They work with economically minded clients.  Built Lakeland College, churches, cold storage;

Have done pre-engineered metal buildings, precast walls, tilt up in past.  Streamlined process and organization not a lot of cooks in the kitchen.  Technology invested, project management efficiency.   Real estate land issues, statutes, water management, use outside civil engineering firms.  They will be responsible for handling and designing solutions to these challenges.

Competitive company.  Have their own architect.  Prefer to NOT subcontract.  They like to control the process and timeline.  Excellent MOD rate. (Safety)

They will look at land and do an assessment before we purchase.  Do layouts.  Research covenants and zoning, meet with local planning authority. 

Cost of less land with 2nd floor?  But need elevator -- no clear advantage of 1 floor or 2 floors

Generally more economic to build on one floor.


Public project experience: no. 

Built Cross Plains as a contractor, Madison Library Supply just the hired builder.

No real bid review experience with them managing the project. Plan spec work


12:05 – 12:55  Tri-North – Erika Cleaver, Darren Noak and Steve Harms, (Design Build)

Both groups were sent the Fast Facts, Square Footage and Building Profile by Zones documents in advance.  All were offered tours of HQ and Delivery.

Steve Harms is a registered architect

Pinney Library

Asked for our goals

Price/ cost savings

Better use of facility

Combine 2 buildings for efficiencies


Training facility

Delivery access


Madison based, local but do national projects.  Have their own architect, construction management,

Did Urban League-Goodman Library (leases from UL)

Design build, selected location for Urban League

Site specific: Stoughton Road, they have connections through city, can identify locations

Maybe use existing buildings (more bang for the buck).  They will look at how hard it is to get materials to site, soil, local utilities.  They will review and create pro and con list for each site.


Provided site selection criteria list and other lists.  Steve Harms - Only brought one hard copy for us to share, did not project on the screen.  

Have in-house attorney.  Can help with paper work process on purchasing.

Use lots of forms on gathering information from staff etc, who and what needs to be near each other to create a relationship chart.


They can do pre-cast, metal buildings.  Tilt up they would hire out.


We can hire them under contract to help us select a site and evaluate the site. 

They could help whittle down a realtors list.  Tri North could recommend a realtor, they have connections in the field.  They would handle zoning changes, attending those meeting, dealing with City Planning Departments.

Couldn’t give a price estimate for the service. Part of the whole package.


They are willing to handle the bidding of the job.  Selecting Design builder to oversee does not require bidding for their services. 

Have to accept lowest “qualified”’ bid for contractors.  Tri North knows the law and regulations.


Feel that $5 million is doable but may get better bang for the buck remodeling an existing building.

$140 sq ft

Thinks we need a minimum of 3 acres.

18 months to build (once site selected)


12:45-1:15:      Review developer presentations from today.

Keller has most experience doing public bidding

                        Review developer information from 12/5 and 12/19/19 interviews

Design Build Firms




Tri North


Not Design Build Firms

Advantage Osborne


*Maatas is limited to the Shopko site

Consensus to use a design build

a.      More cost effective

b.      Easier to manage with only one company/one point of contact.

c.       One company manages the entire project

d.      Seems more budget driven (cheaper)  Value driven

e.      Plays more into our need for experience and time (since we are not experienced in this area). Cradle to grave support and management.


1:15:    Homework for Next Meeting: 


Next step:  Collect more information from the Design-Build groups. Vicki started a list of questions; Kerrie will edit it and send out to the Design-Build groups.


Kerrie will contact the non-Design Build vendors who have been eliminated from consideration.


Next Meeting Date:  2/6/20 at 10:00 a.m.

Develop evaluation tool to determine selection of builder.  RFP?


1:30:    Adjournment


Parking Lot: 

            Need to create:

·         Location report

·         Detailed design report

·         Mark and Vicki will look into items listed under Other “Master Building Profile by Zones”

For safety concerns and needed protections. Do we have Material Safety Sheets on these products which include necessary protections and toxicity information?

·         SUN Expansion