Building Needs Assessment Work Group Minutes

February 6, 2020

SCLS Headquarters, Badger Room



Corey Baumann         

Nan Brien                   

Kerrie Goeden            

Mark Ibach                 

Jesse Stewart             

Vicki Teal

Kristi Williams            

Martha Van Pelt


Meeting called to order by K. Goeden 10:00


Approval of previous meeting minutes:  January 9, 2020

a.      Motion by M. Ibach to accept the minutes with more details of decision making process included and that uner homework K. Goeden will contact the non-Design Build vendors who have been eliminated from consideration.

b.      Second by  N. Brien

c.       Approved



RFI reports submitted by design-build firms were sent to workgroup in advance of meeting.

·         Keller

·         Tri-North

·         Sullivan

·         Newcomb

·         Vogel Brothers



·         Reviewed RFI documents

·         Vicki created a matrix to record input on the documents.  The group discussed their findings and items were put into the matrix. 

·         The Design Build teams emphasized budget and functionality over aesthetics.  This is appealing to the group.  We have heard from several local libraries about their poor relationships with and dominance by their architects.  The architects were more interested in pushing their visions rather than listening to the library clients’ priorities.  Architects did not provide ongoing costs to run the facilities.


Discussed the workgroup’s criteria for evaluation and selection process for Building Vendors:

Preference given to a Local company

Public works project or library building project experience

Familiar with WI statutes and public bidding process

Design Build firm

Recommended to SCLS

Willing to work within our restraints (budget)





Feb – April evaluation of RFIs & information from original presentations and possible follow up with vendors

April assign numerical evaluation with the goal of narrowing down the list of vendors; develop reference questions, then call references before May meeting

May Discuss checked references

June Site visits

July Site visits

August Decide on Design-Build vendor


Homework for Next Meeting: 

Marty will contact an attorney for a review of our process and upcoming steps.


Assignments of topics to fill in matrix located on shared drive for every builder

Using documentation from RFI only due for March meeting

Budget                                     K. Goeden

Construction Management    

1st question                 C. Baumann & J. Stewart

2nd question                 C. Baumann & J. Stewart

Last 3 questions          M. Ibach

Tools for Design Process         V. Teal Lovely

Communication                      V. Teal Lovely

Public Bidding                         M. Van Pelt


Will discuss updated matrix at March meeting


Due April: Add presentations info to matrix


Next Meeting Date:  3/5/20 at 10:00 a.m.


Adjournment: 12:24 pm


Parking Lot: 

            Need to create:

·         Location report

·         Detailed design report

·         Mark and Vicki will look into items listed under Other “Master Building Profile by Zones”

For safety concerns and needed protections. Do we have Material Safety Sheets on these products which include necessary protections and toxicity information?

·         SUN Expansion

·         Collaborative projects – continue to consider options