Building Needs Assessment Work Group


Thursday 2/7/2019

SCLS Headquarters, Badger Room

10:00 a.m.



Call to Order:






Technology Services



1) Make any desired changes to the Charge and Description on the BNAW website page.

2) Finish consolidating department lists into Common Must Haves/Nice to Haves/Pie-in-the-Sky




1) GOALS – Follow up from last meeting



1)      Financial assessment of various new building configurations and solve if we rent, stay or build new

2)      Achieve savings

3)      Create new sources of revenue

4)      Improve SCLS meeting rooms

5)      Seek partners, sub-tenants

6)      Look for opportunities to work collaboratively with community

7)      Find economies of scale, efficiency of operations

8)      Combine both buildings under one roof, buildings that operationally meet our needs better than now, Facilitate more team work and unite culture between admin and delivery

9)      Shared services between Delivery/Admin would be easier for questions & support

10)  More equity among office sizes; Work space that meets the needs of each position

11)  Training space

12)  Larger kitchen to use with meeting space

13)  Flexibility of space

14)  Better HVAC system with all spaces heated





1)      All trucks inside and under one roof.

2)      Ability to lift heavy trucks for repair – higher ceiling needed (pits have disadvantages)

3)      Automation to make mechanics job easier



1)      New building may include dedicated data center for area (shared with other agencies) or renting space - idea of using grants, state funding.  At least move technology to more secure, safer and better infrastructure building


Homework:  Pick one or two Must Have items to bring back to departments to work on in more detail.



Next Meeting Date:  3/7/2019



Corey Baumann          SCLS Delivery Services Coordinator

Nan Brien                    SCLS Board Trustee

Kerrie Goeden             SCLS HR & Finance Coordinator

Mark Ibach                  SCLS Consulting Services Coordinator

Jesse Stewart              SCLS Fleet Manager

Vicki Teal                     SCLS Technology Services Coordinator                                  

Kristie Williams           SCLS Board Trustee

Martha Van Pelt          SCLS Director