Building Needs Assessment Work Group Minutes

June 6, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Badger Room



Corey Baumann         SCLS Delivery Services Coordinator

Kerrie Goeden            SCLS HR & Finance Coordinator

Jesse Stewart              SCLS Fleet Manager

Vicki Teal                     SCLS Technology Services Coordinator                                  

Martha Van Pelt         SCLS Director


Nan Brien                    SCLS Board Trustee

Mark Ibach                  SCLS Consulting Services Coordinator

Kristie Williams           SCLS Board Trustee

Recorder:                    M. Van Pelt


Call to Order: 10:02


Approval of previous meeting minutes:  May 9, 2019

a.      Changes or corrections: none

b.      Consensus approval by motion


Action items:

Need to discuss personal refrigeration needs (deliveries too) (8/12 Monday Morning meeting)

Discuss Professional collection

Discuss combined mailroom

Discussion of noise buffers between delivery and office

Discuss having land or room for future expansion



1)      Review storage space needs for each department: Each department prepared a written report which is inserted below.


1.         Janitorial/maintenance closet space

2.         Kitchen supplies

3.         Meeting room supplies and refrigerated storage

4.         2 hallway closets for supplies (decorations, archives, etc)

5.         Financial and personnel records working storage, locked

6.         Director’s system records

7.         Equipment reservation space for equipment that is checked out to libraries (audio visual, speakers, microphones, iPad kits, people counters, PlayStation, Maker Kits, etc)

8.         Bathroom storage space in the bathrooms for restocking supplies

9.         Personal refrigeration space

Consultants: Question – was the Professional Collection included in their list?

We reviewed the preliminary office space recommendations, and everyone felt they were sufficient/appropriate to meet everyone’s needs.

We then talked about storage space needs for the Consultant Team, and the general consensus was that we could use a separate space (the same size as an office) to store the various equipment and supplies for which our team is responsible (this does not include the various maker kits and other equipment Delivery currently houses and distributes to member libraries).


Long-term storage space to replace exterior garage:  Seldom used supplies, broken bins awaiting recycling, shelving  20x30 preferred; can be an external garage.

Kits storage:  Combined use space possibly with Tech Team.  Currently, we have essentially a single office space for that purpose (10x15)

Supplies:  Currently we have a single office space type area for office supplies, copier, miscellaneous.

Utility:  Cleaning supplies, towels, bathroom supplies, etc.  Current:  6x12

Technology Services:

Storage room minimum 24’ x 24’; can be separate from technology staff area (ground floor OK if two floors)


Either dedicated data center space or network closet space if data center is in a separate location (this will require a separate discussion) (requirement is that they be climate controlled)

Dedicated huddle space for technology team members only with two projectors or wall-mounted TVs (one of the four huddle spaces)

Storage needs (other than kits):

Brochures, forms, etc. (probably locate in work room)

File archives [could be part of an SCLS “file” room]

Remote meeting / training supply bins

2)      Review prep space needs for each department: Each department prepared a written report which is inserted below.


1.         Big table for prepping things like SLP

2.         Counter prep space in work room near delivery envelopes, mailboxes and delivery bins

3.         Counter (island?) prep space in kitchen and/or meeting rooms

4.         Prep space in offices (bigger desk or separate table)


We didn’t identify any prep space needs, but instead plan to use the work room for that purpose.


As defined previously by our current work floor needs; preferring an increase of about 10% of that space over current square footage.

An equipment “shop”:  A space that can be set aside to perform modest repairs and other work outside of a garage setting.  Need room for a work bench and temporary storage of carts and equipment in need of repair.  15x25 preferred.

Technology Services:  Windows are more important than space for the ILS team. 


Prep work room minimum 24’ x 24’; close to technology staff area

Prep work space: can’t think of a need for a dedicated space (self-check, etc. will be incorporated into individual office space using existing PC with peripheral equipment)

If equipment such as tagging kits are stored in the delivery storage area we would need a work-space where returned equipment could be checked, etc.

Added Discussion:

Discussion about researching automating delivery sorting through RFID and beyond.

Homework for Next Meeting:  (August 1)

Consolidate prep space lists

Consolidate storage space lists then identify overlapping areas – K. Goeden


Technology team will meet before August 1 meeting to discuss server room needs to bring to August 1 meeting – V.T. Lovely


Space needs for wash station in garage with drain design along with feedback from delivery staff on break room, bathrooms, personal refrigeration and lobby needs for new building to share at 8/12 MMM. – C. Baumann/J. Stewart


Focus group meetings:

Large Meeting Rooms/ training – M. Ibach

Work Room/mail room – K. Goeden

Deliverable materials – C. Baumann


MMM August 12 - Discuss break room, bathrooms, personal refrigeration and lobby needs for new building


Next Meeting Date:  8/1/2019


Adjournment:  11:43