Building Needs Assessment Work Group Agenda

September 5, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Badger Room


Meeting Documents:

To phone into a meeting: 866-226-4650 (access code:  461-0318-2019)


Call to Order:


Approval of previous meeting minutes:  August 1, 2019


Action items: Do reports and discussion first, then address action items

Review consolidated prep space needs for each department and add this to the MSR

Calculate sf of storage space needs for all items on the Combined List of Storage Space Needs and add this to the MSR

Review Combined List of Building Needs to assess if all space needs have been addressed on the MSR



Meeting with City Planner - MVP

Staff feedback from 8/12 MMM on break room, bathrooms, personal refrigeration, lobby - KG



Based on homework from last meeting to research square footage (sf) needed for storage spaces:

1) Review janitorial/maintenance closet spaces and kitchen supply space needed

2) Review space needed for 2 hallway closets

3) Review space needed for financial and personnel records storage

4) Review space needed for system director records storage


Homework for Next Meeting: 

Address any items of the List of Building Needs that has not yet been included on the MSR


Next Meeting Date:  10/3/2019





Corey Baumann          SCLS Delivery Services Coordinator

Nan Brien                    SCLS Board Trustee

Kerrie Goeden             SCLS HR & Finance Coordinator

Mark Ibach                  SCLS Consulting Services Coordinator

Jesse Stewart              SCLS Fleet Manager

Vicki Teal                     SCLS Technology Services Coordinator                                  

Kristi Williams             SCLS Board Trustee

Martha Van Pelt          SCLS Director