Building Needs Assessment Work Group Agenda

November 7, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Badger Room


Meeting Documents:

To phone into a meeting: 866-226-4650 (access code:  461-0318-2019)


10:00:  Call to Order


10:02:  Approval of previous meeting minutes:  September 26, 2019


10:05: Reports: 

Research findings regarding financing options - KG


10:20:  Discussion:


Meeting Process. Discuss BNAW meeting preparation process:  Review agenda when it is sent out one week before meeting, make any suggested changes to agenda before the day of the meeting, have all homework ready to send out with agenda one week before the meeting.


Review, discuss, edit revised MSR document that has been reorganized into zones and has details of meetings and focus groups included. Now titled, “Master Building Profile by Zones”.


Discuss and review other reports to determine if any other information should be added to “Master Building Profile by Zones” document.  Building Needs vs Zones document.  Keep separate?  Edit?  Combine?


Discuss Building Needs document in relation to the work we’ve done so far (location work, square footage work, etc). Have we covered all aspects of this report that need further work?


11:25:  Homework for Next Meeting: 

Schedule developers to do a presentation at the December BNAW meeting?  The purpose of these presentations would be ONLY to learn what services each of the developers can provide, cost of services, and ascertain what information each of them needs from us to move forward.


Next Meeting Date:  12/5/2019  10:00 a.m.


11:30:  Adjournment



Corey Baumann          SCLS Delivery Services Coordinator

Nan Brien                    SCLS Board Trustee

Kerrie Goeden             SCLS HR & Finance Coordinator

Mark Ibach                  SCLS Consulting Services Coordinator

Jesse Stewart              SCLS Fleet Manager

Vicki Teal                     SCLS Technology Services Coordinator                                  

Kristi Williams             SCLS Board Trustee

Martha Van Pelt          SCLS Director