Building Needs Assessment Work Group


Thursday 1/3/2019

SCLS Headquarters, Badger Room

10:00 a.m.


Present: Corey Baumann; Kerrie Goeden; Mark Ibach; Jesse Stewart; Vicki Teal;

Kristi Williams; Martha Van Pelt


Absent: Nan Brien


Call to Order:

Kerrie Goeden called the meeting to order at 10:10



Went around the table

Kristi Williams has past experience with building schools and has friends in the trade


Reports: (This will be a regular feature of future meetings)

Defined who and what areas of responsibility they would have for reports

Administration: M. Van Pelt and Kerrie Goeden; financial, contractual, location

Consultants: M. Ibach; space needs

Delivery: Corey Baumann and Jesse Stewart; location

Technology Services: Vicki Teal Lovely; ILS (can be anywhere, training space); Technology (central location is important so techs can travel to offsite service, need heavy infrastructure support/MUFN/Data center)



The workgroup discussed and agreed to the following:

Workgroup Chair: Kerrie Goeden

Workgroup Recorder: Martha Van Pelt




C. Baumann:

Solve if we rent, stay or build new

Achieve savings

Improve SCLS (meeting rooms)

All trucks inside and under one roof.

Have delivery be more efficient (in and out and traffic flow)

Seek partners, sub-tenants

Look for opportunities to work collaboratively with community

Access to interstate


K. Goeden:

Find economies of scale, efficiency of operations

Save money

Combine both buildings under one roof, buildings that operationally meet our needs better than now, facilitate more team work and unite between admin and delivery


M. Ibach:

Combine 2 buildings

Maker kits shared service between Delivery/Admin would be easier for questions & service

If delivery is slammed, administration can help out i.e. sorting

Delivery can help with last minute delivery issues from Admin

More equity among office sizes


Vicki Teal Lovely:

Work space that meets the needs of each position

More small shared spaces, meeting rooms

Training space

HVAC improved, current shared windows decreases privacy and increases noise pollution

New building may include dedicated data center for area (shared with other agencies) or renting space - idea of using grants, state funding. At least move technology to more secure, safer and better infrastructure building


Kristi Williams:

Reduce current cost

Expanded opportunities

Assess our current situation for areas to improve


Jesse Stewart:

Auto washer

Ability to lift heavy trucks for repair higher ceiling needed (pits have disadvantages)

More than one door to get vehicles in and out

Automation to make mechanics job easier

HVAC upgrade


M. Van Pelt:


Cost savings if possible to offset future challenges

Creating one SCLS culture

Larger kitchen to rent out with meeting space

Create new sources of revenue

Better telephone system

Financial assessment of various new building configurations

Find improvement operationally

Flexibility of space



Time and days okay, M. Van Pelt will schedule out through 2020



1.      Please review the website page dedicated to BNAW and send comments, suggestions, edits to M. Van Pelt before the February meeting and we will decide what edits need to be made at the meeting.


2.      Each department generate a list of priority items for a new building for the next meeting.

Must haves: (deal breaker) parking (free)

Nice to haves: (covered parking)

Pie in the sky: (free heated parking garage)

Send lists to listserve M. Van Pelt and K. Goeden by 2/4/2019

We will work to consolidate the lists


3.      Chair and Recorder will clean up goals for next meeting



Next Meeting Date: 2/7/2019


Recorder: M Van Pelt


Data Collection:

Map of staff residential locations

MUFN map


Parking Lot:

Need for subcommittees?