Building Needs Assessment Work Group/Minutes

 3/7/2019, 10:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

 Badger Room



Corey Baumann          SCLS Delivery Services Coordinator

Kerrie Goeden             SCLS HR & Finance Coordinator

Mark Ibach                  SCLS Consulting Services Coordinator

Jesse Stewart              SCLS Fleet Manager

Vicki Teal                     SCLS Technology Services Coordinator                                  

Martha Van Pelt               SCLS Director



Nan Brien                    SCLS Board Trustee excused

Kristie Williams           SCLS Board Trustee excused

Recorder:                    Martha Van Pelt         


Call to Order:  10:05


Approval of Minutes:  Approved by consensus


Actions: None




BNAW agreed to keep the meetings about an hour in length with light homework since we have 2 years together to gather information.

J. Hoesly put together a map of staff residences overlaid with bus routes



Delivery routes & times were submitted based on new locations of Delivery building

Farther west is harder for Delivery

SE is good location

East Towne is good location

Airport is good location

Possibility of Route 30 and 51 (not listed as mapped)

Others locations listed not so good for delivery


Technology Services:

MUFN map was shared.  Follows 151 as far North as SCLS currently, Monona Drive

New datacenter could possibly be in 222 Building downtown; which means SCLS may not have to be on MUFN or have space for all routers and servers in-house.



Reviewed MUFN map, Delivery feedback on new building location, data map of where employees live, and bus routes.


Homework for Next Meeting: 

1.      Select next topic from Combined Department List of Building Needs-Wants document to gather information

a.      Cell coverage for all carriers map from V. Teal and techs

2.      C. Baumann will give list of member libraries delivery locations to Jody to map.

3.      C. Baumann will give list of all delivery stops to J. Hoesly to map

4.      V. Teal will meet with Tech staff about new data center location and if SCLS is required to be on MUFN

5.      C. Baumann will map information for new location site of Route 30 and 51

6.      K. Goeden will organize the list of building needs in more categories:  location, structural, interior design, financial/operational.


Next Meeting Date:  4/4/2019 (review reports and more location discussions)

M. Van Pelt will lead and V. Teal will take notes


Adjournment: 11:10


For more information about the Building Needs Assessment Work Group, contact Kerrie Goeden,


SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.