Circulation Services Subcommittee Minutes

September 13, 2022

Phone/video conference


Action Items:

The CSS recommends creating the DVDSETJ14 ITYPE for Juvenile Multi part TV series


Present: Zach Ott (BAR), Jeff Kauffeld (MAD), Ronda Evenson (VER), Margie Navarre-Saaf (MAD), Emily Harkins (WAU), Kelly Heasty (MCF), Erica Kersten (PIN), Eddie Glade (STP), Tanya Bolchen (MID), Autumn Baumann (POR), Jennifer Foster (FCH), Robin Behringer (STO), Alyssa Moura (REE)

Absent: Steev Baker (SUN)

Excused: None

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)

SCLS Staff Present: Heidi Oliversen, Cindy Weber



1.      Call to Order at 9:34 am.

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      Tanya Bolchen (MID) is sitting in for Barbara Henderson today.  Jeffrey Pond from MRO is a guest today.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      H. Oliversen added “Alternate Lost Item Workflow” as 4d.

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: June 28, 2022

a.      Motion: J. Kauffeld moved approval of the June meeting minutes.  E. Harkins seconded

b.      Discussion: none.

c.       Vote: motion carried.


3.      Action Items

a.      None


4.      Discussion

a.      Request for additional Item Type – DVDSET14 for Juvenile materials.

                                                              i.      Motion: M. Navarre Saaf moved creating the DVDSETJ14 ITYPE for Juvenile Multi part TV series.  E. Kersten seconded.

                                                             ii.      Discussion: When the DVDSET14 ITYPE was announced, MFD asked about creating one for Juvenile materials.  As of September 6, they went fine free on juvenile materials.  E. Kersten asked if we would we need to add adult equivalent.  H. Oliversen reported that we haven’t done this in the past because adult is considered the default.

                                                           iii.      Vote: motion carried.

b.      Review Proxy Borrowing specification

                                                              i.      Discussion: M. Navarre Saaf reported this specification was based off of proxy borrowing processes/features in other ILS they learned about at ALA.  They took some of those ideas and put them into the specification.  She reviewed the specification with the group.  The left sidebar link to the current Proxy Borrowing feature is only accessible in the Sandbox.  But R. Evenson reported that she can create Borrowing Relationships in Production using the link in the “New” button in a patron record.  H. Oliversen missed this.  We hid the link in the left sidebar because there is still an outstanding issue with this functionality.  For borrowing relationships, in proxy borrowing if you use the pull down on the checkout page and check it out to proxy, everything works correctly.  If library wants to check out to person standing in front of them, the hold is not considered filled for the original patron and staff must go into that record to cancel the hold(s). In the development request it would be great if the default could be set to the person in front of you.  Number 3 of the spec needs tweaking because we want this to work on the internal level and don’t want that pop up.  They would like the hold placer information but to check the item out to the person in front of them with an update to the patron history of original hold placer issued.  The group liked this idea.  Do we have any idea how much time the development would take?  No, LibLime will need to look at the spec first.  Some libraries are using hyperlinks to the HPA patron records to facilitate canceling the original holds.  We discussed the potential patron privacy concerns at our last meeting.  This has been left up to individual libraries to do this if they want to, but keep in mind it is edging a little on patron privacy issues.  H. Oliversen suggested that libraries doing this should document an internal policy to do this and get it approved by whoever it needs to be approved by (library board, etc.).   M. Navarre Saaf and H. Oliversen will fine tune the specification in the next week or two and send it back out to the group with a deadline to respond with changes. 

c.       Review Extending hold expiration date specification

                                                              i.      Discussion: The “bug” that Bibliovation bug fixed now prevents staff from extending an item’s hold expiration date by checking the item in again.  Staff still want this functionality for the exceptions but previously agreed that it would that we need a way to do this that is not based on checking in the item again.  M. Navaree Saaf and E. Harkins worked on this development specification and it was reviewed.  There are two options.  We could add a column with checkboxes in the On Hold table (similar to suspend column) so staff could select the hold(s) for a patron that they can extend the hold pickup date (based on the system preference of 8 days) or we could ask to include a calendar widget to set new expiration date.  Either way, the process should be easy for library staff to learn and use.  We don’t know how easy it will be for LibLime to create.  The additional column was the preferred option from the group. Figuring out the date using a calendar widget lead to errors with extending the expiration date more than another 8 days.  Some members thought another 8 days was too long. MCF prefers the calendar widget, because they often (manually) extend holds for one day.  After more discussion, the group agreed to approve the specification with only the first option (remove the calendar widget option from the spec).    

d.      Discussion of alternative lost item workflow.

                                                              i.      Discussion: K. Heasty and J. Kauffeld worked with H. Oliversen to create a workflow for libraries that could, possibly, remove the necessity of checking the payment status of Lost items checked in.  Our Data Specialist at LibLime created a report of Unresolved Refunds after working through our requirements.  K. Heaty and J. Kauffeld reviewed the (corrected) report and the Workflow document and approved both.  K. Heasty is hoping that libraries could run a report on a frequent basis and see all of the items they have with an Unallocated Credit (Refund).  Libraries can reconcile the refunds more quickly than waiting for the yellow form in delivery.  We hope we can get rid of that form eventually with this alternative workflow.  H. Oliversen will send the workflow (Word doc) out to out committee members along with a current copy of the list of refunds unresolved in production.  She will give libraries a deadline for review.  We are intending to make an on demand report for libraries in the near future.   

5.      Plan for Next meeting:  November 8, 2022 (virtual)

a.      Parked tasks. When libraries are no longer offering curbside services, modify the “Holds Available for Pickup” email notice template.

b.      H. Oliversen will be sending out the draft of the Patron Merge documentation to library staff, on this subcommittee, that have duplicate patron records in the Sandbox.  She will ask them to follow the steps to merge duplicate patron records and revise the documentation as needed.


6.      Adjournment at 11:05 am



For more information about the Circulation Services Subcommittee, contact Heidi Oliversen.

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