Collection Maintenance Subcommittee Minutes

January 11, 2017 9:30 am

SCLS Headquarters


Present: Debbie Bird (SUN), Dennis Reynolds (MAD), Molly Warren (MAD), Tina Marie Maes (MAD), Linda Stuckey (MCF), Theresa Skov (VER), Amy Gannaway (SCLS)

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)

Absent:  Ramona Witte (MCM), Kate Odahowski (MAD), Sarah Hartman (MID), Ann Mueller (MRO), Alison Wirth (STP), Sue McComb (WAU).

1.       Call to order (5 min.)

a.       Introduction of guests/visitors.

                                                              i.      Name and institution:  Nichole Fromm at MAD is a guest today.

b.      Changes/additions to the agenda.

                                                              i.      Changes or additions:  D. Bird (SUN) would like to start a conversation about separating the “newly colorized” versions of chapter books with extensive comics (such as Captain Underpants).  This can be discussed at the next meeting.  D. Bird will work on some examples.    

2.       Approval of previous meeting minutes: November 9, 2016 (5 min.)

a.       Changes:   None.

b.      Approved by consensus.  Yes.

3.       Discussion/Action items (90 min.)

a.       Update: Serials Searching and Matching Policy

                                                              i.      Approved by ILS Committee 12/7/16. Posted

b.      “General” searching and matching guidelines – separate policy needed?


                                                            ii.      Discussion:  There are a few “general” bullet points that are part of the searching and matching policy that were not covered by the format-specific policies. Should these be turned into a separate policy? The information has to do with searching by all access points (ISBN, title, author) and abiding by the decisions of the cataloging agency. There is another sentence about receiving serials using serials checkin but this will be covered by the serials policies. The other two bullet points should be incorporated into new policies.

                                                          iii.      Action: Amy will draft policies for the first two bullet points and bring them back to the committee for the next meeting.

                                                           iv.      Motion: None.

c.       Linking Manual revisions to Videorecordings sections



                                                          iii.      Discussion:  There was no official feedback. 

                                                           iv.      Motion:  None.

                                                             v.      Action:  Kate can begin finalizing and posting the changes. 

d.      Review Public Notes on Subscription Records policy


                                                            ii.      Discussion:  This policy has not been reviewed since the Koha migration and it doesn’t seem relevant to Koha. This seems like a policy specific to Dynix functionality.  In Koha, the only “Public Note” on a subscription record is the Public Note field that is part of all item records. Entering information into the Public Note field on the subscription record would generate that note on every item record for all of the subscription’s magazines.  A library could choose to use the Public Note field but most of the time it is blank. The committee decided we didn’t need this policy.

                                                          iii.      Motion:  D. Bird moved that the Public Notes on Subscriptions Records Policy be discontinued.  M. Warren seconded.  Vote: motion carried.

                                                           iv.      Action:  This will go to the ILS Committee in February.

e.      Review Serials Receiving Policy


                                                            ii.      Discussion:  The first sentence of the policy is still relevant as it concerns the requirement that all serial titles that are more frequent than annual need to be received through Koha Periodicals. The committee decided that the rest of the policy was procedural and was covered in the Serials Manual.

                                                          iii.      Motion:  T. Skov moved to amend the Serials Receiving Policy so it states “All serial titles issued more frequently than annually will be cataloged and must be added using Koha Periodicals.” T. Maes seconded.  Vote: motion carried.

                                                           iv.      Action: This will go to the ILS Committee in February.     

f.        Cataloging of bootlegs

                                                              i.      Discussion:  The MPL Music Librarian noticed some bootlegs on the Purchase Alert Report. Even though the holds to items ratio met the threshold for SCID purchases, SCID copies were not purchased because SCID money cannot be used to purchase bootlegs. We defined “bootleg” as an illegal recording. Bootlegs violate copyright and can misrepresent what is on the actual item. We want to figure out what to do if bootlegs are added to LINKcat. The two bootlegs that were found recently are bib # 1291567 (Live on KSWM) and bib # 1292051 (The TV Collection plus Newport 1968). The Live on KSWM item was purchased via MW Tapes so the library did not knowingly purchase a bootleg. MPL staff will be contacting the other library to find out where The TV Collection was obtained.

We discussed the possibility of amending the Levels of Cataloging policy to add a bullet point under Generic Records for “Bootlegs and/or unauthorized materials.” This would mean that if a library added a bootleg to LINKcat, the library would be instructed to move the item to a Generic record. Or if a library purchased a bootleg or received one as a gift, the library could circulate it on a Generic record. However, there was concern that this will legitimize the purchase and circulation of bootlegs. Each library should have its own policy regarding bootlegs, as the library could be legally liable if they are circulating materials that are unauthorized and/or illegal. The committee would like the ILS Committee to discuss this in a broader way – for example, should there be a policy against adding bootlegs to LINKcat, even on a Generic record?

                                                            ii.      Motion:  None.

                                                          iii.      Action:  Amy will get this on the agenda for the ILS Committee’s February meeting.

g.       Feedback on Duplicate OverDrive bib records with different links

                                                              i.      Multiple links in one bib record: Absolute fear bib # 1217524

                                                            ii.      Each link on separate bib record: Heading out to wonderful bib # 945862 and Heading out to wonderful bib # 905000

                                                          iii.      Discussion:  We receive MARC records for OverDrive as part of the WPLC subscription to OverDrive. The MARC records come from OCLC. The same ebook is usually available in multiple formats (Kindle, PDF, etc.), and in some cases the different formats have multiple records in OverDrive (with different URLs and different numbers of copies).  OCLC is cataloging these on separate bib records with the same OCLC#. MAD and SCLS are working through cleaning up bib records with duplicate OCLC #s. For the OverDrive bib records, we would like feedback on whether people prefer one record with multiple links (labeled by format) or two separate records (as we have now). The committee members noted that patrons will usually click on the first link available and that most patrons prefer the Kindle version. Overall committee members would prefer one bib record with multiple links, and the Kindle link should be first. Committee members also noted that most patrons are using either the OverDrive web site or the app so fixing the MARC records is a lower priority.

                                                           iv.      Motion: None.

                                                             v.      Action: MAD and SCLS will work out a process for fixing the OverDrive bib records with duplicate OCLC #s. It will be a while as this is not a high priority.

4.       Next meeting at SCLS Headquarters – March 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.