Delivery Workflows Work Group Minutes

September 23, 2021, 10 am

Phone/video conference


Action Items:

Present: Renee Daley and Cassi Williams (co-representatives) (ROM; Cluster 1), Roxanne Staveness (RIO; Cluster 2; RFID), Janet Schroeder (STP; Cluster 4; Self Check + RFID), Stacey Burkart (VER; Cluster 8; Sorter + Self Check + RFID), Emily Noffke (MTH; Cluster 8; Self Check), Nate Snortum (co-representatives) (DCL; Clusters 9-10), Margie Navarre Saaf (MPL; Clusters 11-13; Self Check + RFID)
Absent: Eddie Glade (STP), Eric Norton (MCM), Jennifer Foster (FCH), Todd Cox (DCL)†††††††††††††††††
Excused: None
Recorder: Michelle Karls
SCLS Staff Present: Vicki Teal Lovely, Corey Baumann, Tracie Miller

1.      Call to Order at 10:02 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: We will approve August minutes at next meeting


3.      Action Items


4.      Discussion

a.      ARPA grant ideas discussion:

                                                              i.      Tagging materials for libraries that arenít tagged (Delivery project)

                                                             ii.      RFID tags

                                                           iii.      RFID tagging stations for libraries that donít have them

                                                           iv.      Self-checks new or replace older Bibliotheca models

                                                             v.      Lockers (Envisionware or other vendor)

1.      Discussion: We are trying to get ideas for the ARPA grant in various forums.† We hear DPI is opening up the grant application process but expecting a quick turnaround.† We met with directors for ideas and are working on a survey to help prioritize the ideas.† There is an option for individual libraries or communities to apply for grants.† At the last meeting, we talked about RFID tagging.† We will include RFID tags and tagging stations on the survey.† RFID tags could be purchased for libraries starting a tagging project or for libraries whose own collections are tagged, but who would like to tag their other libraryís materials.† We have talked about the possibility of having delivery do some tagging as it supports the RFID initiative.† Another idea is new self-checks for libraries that donít have them or for replacing Bibliotheca models.† This was proposed at the All Directors meeting.† A lot of libraries are on Envisionware, but we still have a few with Bibliotheca models.† It would be ideal to have all libraries on Envisionware, but itís not a requirement.† Lockers will also be added to the survey.† We did hear this morning that RFID might not be part of the ARPA grant.† There are some LSTA grants and the system has some funding available that we could apply for to use for RFID.† We have thought about hiring a part-time person to go into small libraries to help them with tagging and ordering more tagging stations (tablets).† RIO doesnít have room so would have to decline self-check.† They have to turn down grants because they donít have the space, which is frustrating.† The survey for ideas should be going out tomorrow with a quick turnaround.†

b.      Next discussion topic(s)

                                                              i.      Does Corey have a system map that we could see how items move? Maybe put together a map of volume where items are delivered and how often.

                                                             ii.      Current working model would be helpful!

                                                           iii.      Presorting bins at libraries (Jamboard)

                                                           iv.      Review Holds sequence in ILS (to sync with routes or some other sequence) (Jamboard)

                                                             v.      Using other sorters at libraries to pre-sort (Jamboard)

                                                           vi.      [Sorter at Delivery]

1.      Discussion: These are the topics that we will discuss at this group and continue to work through these issues.† The first two, are miscellaneous requests.† The remaining ones are topics.† We are intentionally saving the sorter discussion for last.† We talked about presorting at an internal meeting with other delivery staff.† We donít have input or conclusions yet to give on this. We want to hear from the libraries.† Reviewing the holds sequence will come next and using sorters may or may not be independent of reviewing holds.† We will address the first two at the next meeting (C. Baumann will go over these) and hopes to offer a more visual diagram.† He covered the routes at the last meeting.† Does anyone need more information on how items flow?† We have maps and volume.† Maybe Jody could help with this using tableau?† SCLS staff can talk about this internally.† We will tackle the presorting bins at the October meeting.† We will arrange the jamboard and send it out before the next meeting to the group.† Why might presorting be helpful?† M. Navarre Saaf said that presorting has been helpful in terms of patrons getting materials quicker (holds) to other locations.† Does volume depend on the holds sequence?† We donít really know for sure.† We could try some different things with the Holds Sequence.† Are there areas where presorting holds would be beneficial?† SKC and PDS were able to fill one bin each and it was mixed with holds and returns.† MCM and NEK were not able to fill a full bin.† We could reach out to clusters.† These are items that SCLS delivery staff donít have to handle.† (Items being handled less).†

c.       November (25) and December (23) meeting dates Ė should they be changed?

                                                              i.      The next meeting will be held on December 9 at 10:30 am.

                                                             ii.      We will meet again on January 27 at 10 am.†


5.      Plan for Next meeting: October 28, 2021 at 10 am

a.      Presorting bins at libraries discussion


6.      Adjournment at 10:47 am




For more information about the Delivery Workflows Work Group, contact Vicki Teal Lovely or Corey Baumann


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