Discovery Interface Subcommittee Minutes

May 18, 2022, 9:30 am

Phone/video conference


Action Items:

Tom Campbell (MAD), Robin Krueger (PIN), Rachael Page (DEE), Kara Coffman (PDS)
Absent: Emma Cobb (VER), Steev Baker (SUN)
Excused: Jake Ineichen (MAD), Eric Norton (MCM)
Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)
SCLS Staff Present: Amy Gannaway, Rose Ziech


1.      Call to Order at 9:33 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors.  None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda.  None.

c.       Requests to address the Committee.  None.

2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: March 16, 2022

a.      Motion:  R. Krueger moved approved of the March meeting minutes.  R. Page seconded.

b.      Discussion: none.

c.       Vote: motion carried.

3.      Action Items

a.      None

4.      Discussion

a.      Updates from previous meeting

                                                              i.      Tweaks to Discovery Layer are in production

1.      Added checkboxes to search results page in mobile view

2.      Submit all button not displaying in mobile view

3.      My Personal Details remove red line around date of birth box

4.      Adding “no renewal” in “checkbox” column on checkouts page

5.      Different colors for In transit and Waiting holds on holds page

6.      Padding for cancel and suspend/resume buttons on holds page

7.      Added text to Changing Password pop-up about browser refresh

8.      Added text to Cart pop-up about deletion of cart contents

                                                            ii.      Passwords and Privacy help page and bookmark: Add “and refresh the browser” after “Click the submit button”

                                                          iii.      Discontinue LINKcat Twitter

1.      Discussion: A. Gannaway reviewed the updates that have been made since the last meeting.  She hasn’t set a date yet to discontinue LINKcat Twitter, but will do this soon and then announce it.

b.      Facet “help” button (in sandbox)

                                                              i.      Discussion: A. Gannaway displayed the new facet “help” button in the sandbox.  The upgrade projected for mid to late August at the earliest.  A. Gannaway will write some “facet help” text up and send it out via email for the group to review before the next meeting. 

c.       Meeting format (virtual/in-person)

                                                              i.      Discussion:  We have been meeting virtually.  After some discussion, the group would prefer to keep the meetings virtual. 

d.      Suggestions for additional links on Don’t Miss Lists web page to curated lists

                                                              i.      Discussion:  We received a request about having more links to lists with more diverse books (specifically LGBTQ+ was requested).  All of our monthly DMLs with LINKcat resources are based on collection codes and these are pulled automatically.  We have a few links on the page to lists that are maintained by an outside group (NY Time, Publisher’s weekly, Beyond Bestsellers, Library Reads).  We could add additional lists for diverse resources, but we need ideas from library staff.  K. Coffman mentioned using additional award lists?  R. Krueger will ask MAD selectors for ideas.  The Prince Award and Novelist were mentioned as possibilities.  Please send ideas to A. Gannaway via email and we will review the suggestions at the next meeting. 

e.      Other Bibliovation questions and/or discussion

                                                              i.      Discussion: The url update is scheduled for some time during the day on May 31.  The re-direct will be in place.  Starting on June 1, we need to working on updating things with the old url (bookmarks, etc.).  The redirect will go away on September 1 so we have time to update everything.  Patrons should not notice any changes.  Custom library urls will continue to work the same way.  A. Gannaway did a blog post and sent an email about this.  There will also be a blurb in Top 5.  She will send out another reminder for libraries as well.  R. Ziech would recommend people who put links to items on their web site should review them to sure that they are using and not Staff should not use for any patron materials. That link is for staff only.

5.      Plan for Next meeting:  July 20, 2022 at 9:30 am

6.      Adjournment at 10:03 am


For more information about the Discovery Interface Subcommittee, contact Amy Gannaway.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


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