Discovery Interface Subcommittee Minutes

September 21, 2022, 9:30 am

Phone/video conference


Action Items: None.

Present: Tom Campbell (MAD), Jake Ineichen (MAD), Rachael Page (DEE), Eric Norton (MCM), Kara Coffman (PDS)
Robin Krueger (PIN), Emma Cobb (VER), Steev Baker (SUN)
Excused: None
Amy Gannaway (SCLS)
SCLS Staff Present:
Amy Gannaway, Rose Ziech


1.      Call to Order at

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      None.

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.

2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: July 20, 2022

a.      Motion:  E. Norton moved approval of the July meeting minutes. T. Campbell seconded.

b.      Discussion: None.

c.       Vote: Motion carried.

3.      Action Items

a.      None.

4.      Discussion

a.      Updates from previous meeting

                                                              i.      Facet “help” button in sandbox

1.      Discussion: The custom text for the facet help button was added to the sandbox. Please look it over and let A. Gannaway know if you have any changes. We can also do a final review at the November meeting.

                                                             ii.      Changes to facets

1.      Discussion: The changes to the Author, Topic, and Genre facets have been added to production.

                                                           iii.      Adding more ALA award lists to Don’t Miss Lists

1.      Discussion: A. Gannaway started a list for the Coretta Scott King award. She can work on adding to this list before the next meeting. Committee members offered to help with these lists. The lists do require custom links to the LINKcat record. A. Gannaway will see how far she can get by the next meeting and then we can go from there.

b.      Discovery Layer development update

                                                              i.      Submitted to LibLime:

1.      Allow patrons to change hold pickup location

2.      Personal Details page

3.      Change facet sorting (no Z-A sort)

a.      Discussion: All of these development projects have now been submitted to LibLime. LibLime states that they are unable to do a Z-A sort for the facets because the Solr index will not support that kind of a sort.

c.       Add “forgot password” feature (new development)

                                                              i.      Discussion: There is some basic “forgot password” functionality in Bibliovation. We have turned it on in the sandbox for testing. There are several problems with the current functionality:

1.      Allows staff users to change passwords, in addition to patron users.

2.      Allows users to enter email addresses to change the password, and when an email address is used in more than one account, the user gets a confusing error message.

3.      The email that the user receives in order to change the password is not customizable and looks like spam. It doesn’t state that the password change is for LINKcat the email is “from” the user, rather than the library.

4.      Patron-initiated password changes are not recorded in the patron edit history.

We reviewed the development specification, which would address the above issues and would also require a confirmation email that the password was changed. There was a question about what happens if the patron doesn’t have an email address in their account. A. Gannaway will test that out in the sandbox. In that situation, we would want patrons to get an error message that would direct them to contact their library. The library would have to change the password for them, and/or add an email address to the patron’s account.

d.      “Not renewable” in Select All column on My checkouts page

                                                              i.      Discussion: Several months ago, at the request of a library, R. Ziech was able to add “Not renewable” to the “Select all” column on the patron’s My Checkouts page. This was done to help patrons more easily see the status of their checkouts. A. Gannaway discovered that if the checkouts are re-sorted, then the “Not renewable” text appears next to checkouts that are actually renewable. R. Ziech investigated and found that there is no easy fix. She gave several options:

1.      Turn off the “Not renewable” text.

2.      Use a new CSS Selector that would resolve the problem. However, this CSS Selector is only available for the most current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

3.      Ask LibLime for new development.

The group discussed the options and decided to test the new CSS Selector in the sandbox to see how things look in both new and older browsers. It would be nice to have LibLime fix this issue; however, that would take a long time to implement and by then more browsers would be able to use the new CSS Selector. We don’t want to have the confusing “Not renewable” text for checkouts that are actually renewable. We think that library patron PCs should be updated with the newest versions of Chrome and Edge so they would be able to utilize the new CSS Selector. Firefox is only on staff PCs and is mostly used to print receipts and spine labels. Staff wouldn’t be as likely to use Firefox for LINKcat. We can discuss again at the November meeting after the sandbox testing.

e.      Other Bibliovation questions and/or discussion

                                                              i.      Discussion: None.

5.      Plan for Next meeting:  November 16, 2022 at 9:30 am via phone/video conference

6.      Adjournment


For more information about the Discovery Interface Subcommittee, contact Amy Gannaway.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


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