Flipster Work Group for 2018


August 15, 2017, SCLS HQ

1:00 – 2:30


Call to Order: 1:00


Reviewed 3 title lists and 3 price lists broken out by member library

Picked substitute titles for titles not available in Flipster and added new titles to broaden collection of Enhanced list


Picked final list to be Enhanced list with more titles than last year at a lower cost than last year!

40 titles at a cost of $21,036.50 based on total system population. 


Will send survey monkey for “vote” to directors after Admin Council meeting.

Use a quick turnaround with deadline of Friday, August 25th.  This gives committee a day or two to figure out next step if not 100% participation.


Cost Formula: Will use current cost formula of break down by member population.  Will use 2015 population numbers – most current.



Flipster wants our list by September 15


Next Meeting: September 12 at 2:00


Parking Lot:

It is a priority to have searching in LINKcat and ease of authentication – which means all members must participate.  Some members may be willing to kick in extra money to make sure titles are in LINKcat.  Further discussion is needed after we get prices and see how many members choose to participate.


Adjournment: 2:10


Debbie Bird                 SUN                            Nathan Rybarczyk        BAR

Pam Bosben                 CSP                             Molly Warren              MAD

Jane Groshan               STO                            Marty Van Pelt            SCLS