Interlibrary Loan Subcommittee Agenda

March 28, 2023 at 10 a.m.

Online via Zoom


Meeting Documents:


1.      Call to Order

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: October 25, 2022


3.      Action Items

a.      None


4.      Discussion

a.      Madison OLL Update

                                                              i.      Playaway/Wonderbooks update, discussion, and decision on continuing

                                                             ii.      Documentation for paying lenders for lost/damaged items

                                                           iii.      Time period for re-requesting items

b.      WISCAT for 2023

c.       Contact updates for 2023

5.      Plan for next meetings:  October 31, 2023


6.      Adjournment



For more information about the Interlibrary Loan Subcommittee, contact Jean Anderson.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.