Interlibrary Loan Subcommittee Notes

October 20, 2020, 10 a.m.





Present: Nancy Myers, MRO; Whitney Parrillo, RAN; Emily Wilcox, MAD; Kathy Wolkoff, MAD

Absent: Joan Wheeler, BAR; Marylu Silka, ACL; Natalie Kruse, MFD; Eric Norton, MCM; Diane Casselberry, STP; Jenny Carr, MID; Cindy Stankey, SUN; Heidi Oliversen, SCA

Recorder: Jean Anderson

SCLS staff present: Jean Anderson


1.     Call to order time: 10:07

a.     Introduction of guests/visitors

b.     Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                    i.     None

c.      Requests to address the Committee

                                                    i.     None

2.     Approval of previous meeting minutes: March 31, 2020

a.     Changes or corrections: None

b.     Approved by motion: Nancy Myers at MRO moved, Kathy Wolkoff seconded, meetings approved.

3.     Action items – None

4.     Discussion items

a.     Lending Policy Update: The policy was discussed at the September Administrative Council and approved at last week’s October meeting. Directors of non-LINKcat libraries received the document for signatures. New effective date of the policy will be January 1, 2021.

b.     OLL Update: Kathy reported that they spent the first few month of the pandemic trying to figure out how everything would work. They’ve slowly started bringing things back and are now fully operational for all of SCLS and Madison Public Library. Learning how to operate the system without everyone being in the office at the same time. Added an option to the Unfilled email they send out to libraries - a library that normally could utilize is not operational due to COVID (or other issue) so this may be available at a later time.

c.      WISCAT Reminder: WISCAT renewals will be handled as they were last year. SCLS pays for the subscription for the four libraries who borrow on their own – Madison, Marshfield, Middleton, and Portage County. Other libraries need to subscribe to WISCAT for Madison to be able to borrow from WISCAT on your behalf. An email will be sent to the ILL email list with more information.

d.     In State/Out of State Proposal from OLL Office: Kathy and Emily would like to remove the in state/out of state question from the request form. It sometimes causes confusion when new staff may check the wrong box. They wondered about having a “rule” for each library – always go out of state or never go out of state. We’d check in once a year to confirm the selection.

                                                    i.     This brought up another topic. Jean and Kathy have ILL contact lists that are out of date (we’ve been working on them this year). Combining a contact update with the in state/out of state check in would be a great way to keep out contact information up to date. In addition, we would do a WISCAT reminder at the same time. The time frame for this annual check in would be November/December each year.

e.     COVID-19 Update from libraries

                                                    i.     Monroe: Nancy said that the library is closed right now because their school is closed. They are doing curbside and she’s still able to provide OLL services. Things are going well.

1.     Library of Congress item to send back when they open. From Kathy – Library of Congress specifically asks that libraries hold on to their items for now.

                                                  ii.     Randolph: Whitney said things are going well in Randolph and Columbia County.

                                                 iii.     Madison – just started making requests for Madison patrons and working on moving their physical items through the office without all staff being there at the same time. Email is better to contact Madison OLL right now as they are not in the office to get phone calls or voicemails as quickly.


5.     Plan for next meeting: March 30, 2021 / GoToMeeting

6.     Adjournment: 10:36 a.m.

For more information about the ILL Subcommittee, contact Jean Anderson.


SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.