SCLS ILS Committee Minutes

June 6, 2018 10 a.m.

Meeting Documents:

To phone in to a meeting: call 800-511-7983, use access code 628394#.


Present: E. Foley, ACL (1), A. Noel, BRD (3), E. Glade, PCPL (4); E. Judd, SKC (5); E. Norton, MCM (6); S. Lee, M. Warren, MAD (11, 13); M. Navarre Saaf, MAD (12); B. Faherty, MID (8), H. Cox, MCF (7).


Absent:  C. Borck, WID (2).


Excused: T. Herold, DCL (9, 10).


SCLS Staff Present: V. Teal Lovely, A. Gannaway, M. Van Pelt, Recorder: M. Karls. 


1.      Call to Order at 10 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors.  None

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda.  None.

c.       Requests to address the Committee.  None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: April 4, 2018.  M. Warren moved approval of the April 4, 2018 minutes. S. Lee seconded.  Vote: motion carried. 

3.      Action Items

a.      Approve final 2019 ILS budget proposal

                                                              i.      Add $10,000 to ILS Contracted Development (offset by Bibliotheca support funds)

                                                            ii.      Reduce cataloging fees to Madison by $50,000 and create Database Maintenance Technician Position

                                                          iii.      Remove cost for Linked Data for 2019 (funded by carryover from 2018)—keeps budget to 0% increase for 2019 (Option 2 document)

1.      Discussion.  The main differences between Option 1 and Option 2 are we will start to increase funds for contracted development.  This will have no impact on libraries, because SCLS receives money from Biblioteca for support that will offset the cost increase. Another big change, MAD is reducing their fees by $50,000 as they will be transitioning some database maintenance work back to SCLS.  SCLS will use this to fund a new Database Maintenance Technician Position. This position was previously LTE and has been most recently been filled by Kayla Linke.  Option 2 – We added funding for a Linked Data project to the budget last year. Due to the ILS investigation, we not yet begun work on this project. We don’t believe we will get to it this year either because of the upcoming migration. The state has stopped distributing the LSTA technology block grant and they are looking for statewide initiatives. There is a possibility of linked data being funded by LSTA. If we eliminate the cost from the 2019 budget, it will keep the budget to a 0% increase, but it means 2020 could be a bigger jump in fees. M. Warren pointed out a few places in the budget where 2010 needs to be placed with 2020.  This will be corrected. 

2.      Motion: B. Faherty moved to accept the 2019 ILS Budget Option 2.  H. Cox seconded.  Vote: motion carried.        

b.      Approve Cataloging Contract

1.      Discussion.  Minor adjustments have been made in the language indicating MAD TS is a backup for some database maintenance and authority control work rather than being primarily responsible. 

2.      Motion.  E. Norton moved.  E. Foley seconded.  Abstained: MAD.  Vote: motion carried. 

c.       The Collection Maintenance Subcommittee recommends deleting the collection codes BKAFICR (BOOKS AD FIC CRIME), VRAWL (VIDEO REC AD WORLD LANG) and CAJMS (CASSETTES JU MUSIC).

1.      Discussion.  None.

2.      Vote: motion carried.  

d.      Change name of PAC Subcommittee to Discovery Interface Subcommittee

1.      Discussion.  This is tied into Discussion 4a.  The term PAC no longer reflects the work of this subcommittee. SCLS recommends changing the name to Discovery Interface Subcommittee.   

2.      Motion.  M. Navarre Saaf moved.  E. Glade seconded.  Vote: motion carried.

4.      Discussion

a.      Change acronyms for other subcommittees from CMC to CMS and CSC to CSS.

1.      Discussion.  We had retained the “C” in these acronyms from the days when they were Committees in order to maintain continuity. However, since we are changing the name of the PAC Subcommittee to the Discovery Interface Subcommittee, we are changing all of the acronyms to match. Collection Maintenance Subcommittee = CMS and Circulation Services Subcommittee = CSS.


b.      Policy for scripts, API’s, etc.

1.      Discussion.  This policy will include anything that is not part of the ILS software or that is contracted by SCLS to work with the ILS software, including applications developed by libraries and applications purchased by libraries through a third party vendor. The group that worked on the policy would like to encourage innovation and support libraries that wish to develop their own applications to work with the ILS. However, since SCLS cannot support these types of applications, and we cannot require the developing the library to support them, the library will not be required to share their projects with all libraries. There is an increasing concern for the security of the database. The proposal is that SCLS will vet the application with first an internal review, and if necessary with a third party vendor selected by SCLS. The developing library will be responsible for the cost of vetting with a third party vendor. Libraries would approach SCLS directly with new scripts/APIs instead of the Subcommittees.


Although, we don’t have what’s considered “sensitive data” (SS#, driver’s licenses or credit cards) in our database, we need to do due diligence to prevent a breach from happening (though cannot guarantee a breach will never happen). Vicki reviewed the policy. SCLS does have cyber insurance and Marty received news that they will extend their coverage to LINKcat member libraries by being “Associate members.”  If SCLS has investigated a script, we will report on it in the ILS Report for the IC Committee.  M. Navarre-Saaf mentioned that the MAD problem item form script is one that is currently being looked at. The policy will be retroactive so that we start out with as much security as policy. There are very few scripts or applications that exist as of right now. The SCLS attorney will review the policy. 


We also reviewed the draft policy which requires that libraries be responsible for managing the passwords to the shared ILS. This information is in the Circulation manual, but has not been an official policy.


Action: ILS Committee members are asked to review the draft policy at the next cluster meeting to get further feedback and questions. Cluster representatives should compile the cluster responses and send them to Vicki by July 16th.  Vicki will send out an email to this group with the information.              


5.      Reports

a.      June ILS report.  Vicki reviewed the ILS Report.  ILS staff is actively testing Bibliovation and reporting bugs and fixing problems.  We have submitted some wish list items for development as well.      

b.      Report from the CSC Subcommittee – May 8, 2018.  M. Navarre Saaf reviewed the minutes from the meeting.       

c.       Report from the CMC Subcommittee – May 9, 2018.  A. Gannaway reviewed the minutes from the meeting. 

d.      Report from the PAC Subcommittee – May 16, 2018.  A Gannaway reviewed the minutes from the meeting.  Subgroup meeting on Bibliovation Discovery Layer Design.          

6.      Items from clusters:

a.      ACL staff are wondering if Linking rules have changed and how they should keep track of them. SCLS provides notification email, blog posts, ILS News page, Top 5, and semi-annual user groups.        


7.      Plan for Next meeting:  August 1, 2018.  Would it be helpful to have demos of Bibliovation at the ILS Users’ Summit. The committee felt this was a great idea. They also indicated there is no need for a Koha evaluation this fall.


a.      Approval of Scripting policy 

b.      Discussion: Plan for fall ILS Users’ Summit

c.       Discussion: Conduct Koha development survey


9.   Meeting evaluation and summary

10. Adjournment 12:00 pm. 

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

For more information about the ILS committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.