ILS Committee Agenda

December 5, 2018, 10 am

SCLS Headquarters
Chester Room


Meeting Documents:

To phone in to a meeting: call 800-511-7983, use access code 628394#.


1.      Call to Order

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

c.       Requests to address the Committee


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: October 3, 2018


3.      Action Items

a.      Approve 2019 Technology Plan: ILS section

b.      From the Circulation Services Subcommittee:

                                                              i.      Propose all libraries use the newest version of the 14 and 26 day overdue notice templates and optional 7 day overdue notice template.

c.       From the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee:

                                                              i.      Remove “Pop-up Books” under PERM, add “All Pop-up books” under Books, and add “All non-local video media players” under Videorecordings in the Levels of Cataloging Policy.

                                                             ii.      Add “Video Media Player: include (video media player) in the title” under Title, including sub-titles, to the Videorecordings BSE (Bibliographic Short Entry) policy. 

                                                           iii.      Add “GoChip Beam” and “GoChip USB” as Edition examples, and change “disc” to “item” under Title, to the Videorecordings Searching and Matching Policy.

                                                           iv.      Add the new collection code BDAPJ (BOOK/DIGITAL AUDIO JU).

4.      Reports

a.      Issuing Rules Work Group Report

b.      Self-Check Evaluation Work Group Report

c.       Follow-up to Library Scripts review

d.      ILS Report

e.      Report from the Circulation Services Subcommittee – November 13, 2018  

f.        Report from the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee – November 14, 2018

g.      Report from the Discovery Interface Subcommittee – November 12, 2018

5.      Items from clusters for initial discussion


6.      Discussion

a.      2019 Calendar

b.      Follow-up to OverDrive IDC

c.       Purge of Charges on patron records (following All-Directors)

d.      Annual Batch Deletion:  include ALL problem item statuses in the reports and clean-up procedures


7.      Plan for Next meeting:  February 6, 2019


8.      Adjournment



For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


ILS Committee/Agenda/12-2018