ILS Committee Minutes

April 03, 2019, 10 am

SCLS Headquarters

Chester Room


Action Items:

The IC approved the Circulation Services Subcommittee recommendation to clear all Dynix attributes and identifiers from all patron records.

The IC approved the recommendation from the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee to delete the following Shelving Locations: PLC2F (Popular Library Collection 2nd Floor) and 2C (2nd Chance Collection).

The IC approved the recommendation from the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee: Levels of Cataloging Policy, Under PERM category: change “Music cassettes” to “Music and Audio cassettes.”

The IC approved the Self-Check Evaluation Workgroup recommendation to expand RFID/Self-Check purchase options for LINKcat libraries to include one additional vendor – EnvisionWare.  This recommendation is contingent on getting software (patron and staff) for testing and that it works effectively with LibLime Koha and Bibliovation.



Present: Erin Foley, ACL (1), Angela Noel, BRD (3), Eddie Glade, PCPL (4), Emily Judd, SKC (5), Margie Navarre Saaf, MAD (12), Brendan Faherty, MID (8), Heidi Cox, MCF (7), Nate Snortum, DCL (9, 10), Susan Lee (11), Molly Warren, MAD (11, 13)

Absent: Cathy Borck, WID (2)

Excused: Eric Norton, MCM (6)

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)

SCLS Staff Present: Amy Gannaway, Heidi Oliversen, Vicki Teal Lovely, Martha Van Pelt


1.      Call to order time at 10:03 am.

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      H. Oliversen is attending today to help answer any questions about the Self-Check Evaluation Workgroup recommendation.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      Changes: none.

                                                             ii.      Additions: none.

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: February 06, 2019

a.      Motion: H. Cox moved approval of the February 6, 2019 meeting minutes.  B. Faherty seconded. 

b.      Changes or corrections: none.

c.       Vote: motion carried.


3.      Action items

a.      The Circulation Services Subcommittee recommends that the purge of charges over 10 years old and under $100 become an annual clean-up event that SCLS will do each November.

                                                              i.      Motion:  Add as an Action item to the May All Directors meeting agenda.

                                                             ii.      Discussion: This purge was done one time and received excellent feedback from libraries, so CSS wants to make it a part of annual database maintenance and clean-up. BRD needs to take it to the Board because it affects their financials. Committee members discussed delaying the vote until the June IC meeting so that the clusters had more time to discuss the recommendation.  C. Weber is able to run reports of what charges on which patron records would be purged for libraries to review beforehand.  A. Noel supports this clean-up, she just wants the opportunity to take it back to their board and get a one-time approval for this annual process.  We voted on the original purge at an All Directors meeting and the group decided this could be voted on at the May All Directors meeting.  M. Van Pelt added this to the May All Directors agenda.

                                                           iii.      Vote: none.

b.      The Circulation Services Subcommittee recommends clearing all Dynix attributes and identifiers from all patron records.

                                                              i.      Discussion: This information was migrated into Koha from Dynix as historical information.  All this information can tell us is how active a patron was before we migrated to Koha in April 2011. The group agreed with the CSS recommendation and this information will be purged pre Bibliovation Go Live.

                                                             ii.      Vote: motion carried. 

c.       From the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee: Low use Shelving Locations to delete: PLC2F (Popular Library Collection 2nd Floor) and 2C (2nd Chance Collection).

                                                              i.      Discussion: These codes aren’t being used anymore.  Items previously using these codes have been withdrawn or their Shelving Location was changed to another. 

                                                             ii.      Vote: motion carried.

d.      From the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee: Levels of Cataloging Policy, Under PERM category: change “Music cassettes” to “Music and Audio cassettes.”

                                                              i.      Discussion: This change is more of a clarification.  We have not done MARC cataloging for cassettes in a while.  We wanted to clarify with language that PERM includes all cassettes and not just music cassettes. 

                                                             ii.      Vote: motion carried. 

e.      The Self-Check Evaluation Workgroup recommends expanding RFID/Self-Check purchase options for LINKcat libraries to include one additional vendor – EnvisionWare.  This recommendation is contingent on getting software (patron and staff) for testing and that it works effectively with LibLime Koha and Bibliovation.

                                                              i.      Discussion: M. Navarre Saaf reported the discussion from the workgroup.  Workgroup members evaluated certain vendors at WLA and ALA Midwinter.  They came up with a list of questions and a checklist of features needed, which they used in their evaluation.  EnvisionWare came out as the best option for their features, service, support, and pricing.  Would the support from EnvisionWare be direct or is SCLS the first point of contact?  This process will still need to be worked out.  EnvisionWare partners with Lyngsoe, a sorter vendor, so libraries will have another sorter option as well.  RFID tags are universal, so we also asked about discounted pricing for bulk orders.  We organize a coordinated order for libraries to get bulk price discounts on RFID tags.  M. Navarre Saaf did recently receive a quote for bigger tags that have 30% greater readability.  Each vendor confirmed they provide discounted RFID tag pricing for bulk quantities. The workgroup discussed having EnvisionWare demo products and software at a to-be-scheduled future Self-Check User Group.  The evaluation details and results are available for any library interested in purchasing equipment.  Is there a timeline for implementing EnvisionWare as a vendor?  MCF will be looking into purchasing a Self-Check next year.  MOO is also interested in purchasing next year.  H. Oliversen mentioned she can work on the timeline for implementation after the vote.  We have a support agreement with Bibliotheca where SCLS does Tier 1 support.  This agreement, gives us 17% back from Bibliotheca for doing this support.  The money we get back is split between Technology and ILS.  It helps keep the ILS contingency afloat.  $10,000 or more of this is now going to ILS.  The support agreement with Bibliotheca was negotiated two years ago and we thought our Technicians would be going out on site to do hardware replacement and support.  This didn’t happen.  C. Weber now spends a lot of time on supporting libraries with Bibliotheca equipment.  EnvisionWare would be adding another set-up, so this will impact staff time.  The Cost Formula Workgroup can discuss this change.

                                                             ii.      Vote: motion carried. 

4.      Reports

a.      Issuing Rules Workgroup Report.

                                                              i.      Discussion: A special thanks to Cindy Stankey at SUN for collating the raw data for this project.  Bibliovation allows us to create circulation policies that can be used by multiple libraries instead of creating individual rules for each library. In preparation for this, this workgroup is asking libraries to review their existing rules to see if we can come up with a palette of regular policies from which they can set their library’s rules.  Then, if libraries need to create an exception rule for a specific type of checkout for a new technology or format, any library could also select that policy as a rule. C. Weber ran the raw data reports so that the Workgroup could look for the current commonalities and out-lying rules.  M. Navarre Saaf and C. Weber will be contacting the libraries with “out-lying” rules to have the libraries review the reasons behind the rules and take the opportunity to change or to confirm that the rule is still needed.  Since the November meeting, some libraries have gone fine free and two more libraries are looking into this.  H. Cox mentioned that MCF is also looking into going completely fine free in 2020.  M. Navarre Saaf and C. Stankey will be meeting this afternoon to talk about the next steps.  They may have a recommendation by the June ILS Meeting. 

b.      Self-Check Evaluation Workgroup Report.

                                                              i.      Discussion: This was previously discussed under Action items.  The group decided to leave it active as they are still working on an implementation timeline and testing will be involved. If EnvisionWare does not work out (i.e. work with LibLime Koha and Bibliovation), they may need to continue with the evaluation process.  

c.       Follow-up to Library Scripts review. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: We still have an active project, so we’ll leave this report on the agenda.  We’re still working with MID and trying to get people together to review the script.  We are nearing the end of the process.

d.      ILS Report. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely reviewed the ILS Report.  We won’t be migrating to Bibliovation in September, but our current target is for late fall.  Library staff are doing testing in Serials and Circulation.  H. Oliversen is collating the reported Circulation responses and reporting new problems right away to LibLime by submitting tickets in the support center.  H. Oliversen has a second round of Circulation testing to send out next week.  LibLime gave us an updated release yesterday.  We have been getting new updates every few weeks and LibLime appears more responsive in addressing current concerns and problems.  A big thank you to all libraries who are testing.

e.      Circulation Services Subcommittee – March 12, 2019 Minutes. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: M. Navarre Saaf reviewed the minutes from the March meeting.   

f.        Collection Maintenance Subcommittee – March 13, 2019 Minutes. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: A. Gannaway reviewed the minutes from the March meeting.       

g.      Discovery Interface Subcommittee – March 20, 2019 Minutes. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: A. Gannaway reviewed the minutes from the March meeting.      


5.      Discussion items

a.      Policy for Adding Databases and Apps

                                                              i.      Discussion:  V. Teal Lovely distributed a handout from the March All Directors meeting.  The only system wide database provided is OverDrive and OverDrive Advantage.  SCLS purchases memberships to WiLS for all its members. WiLS performs the trials, vendor negotiations, and pricing for databases.  SCLS does the authentication.  Please contact SCLS before signing a contract.  We need a minimum of 3 months prior to a go live date to ensure authentication will work.  SCLS is also hoping to avoid libraries adding these at year end with the expectation of January 1 go live date.  There have been issues with deadlines being met by WiLS.  SCLS is actively working on improving this process with WiLS.  Sara Gold from WiLS will be giving a presentation at the May All Directors meeting.  If SCLS can’t get a database or app to work, it could be a problem if a contract has been signed.  (However, this hasn’t happened yet.)  If they aren’t purchased through WiLS, it seems to be a more “rogue” situation.  SIP is the preferred authentication, as we are trying to eliminate scripts.  We need an ILS policy saying we should follow the WiLS & SCLS guidelines when adding databases and apps.  MCF wants to add the Washington Post online, but they contacted WiLS and they don’t offer it.  The Help Desk would be the starting point for databases and apps not offered by WiLS with libraries creating a ticket in the Help Desk portal or calling the Help Desk.  SCLS staff will come up with some policy language that will be reviewed at the June meeting.          

b.      Minimum number of libraries for system funding of SIP setup

                                                              i.      Discussion: What is our minimum of libraries that need to participate in SIP setup for the costs to be taken out of the ILS budget?  The Committee talked about 5 or more libraries need to sign on before it comes out of contingency ($1200 SIP setup cost).  Members expressed that it’s hard to know what other libraries are looking at for databases and apps.  Libraries can partner and split the costs for authentication.  During the discussion, the databases email list was mentioned as a way for libraries to communicate this and some weren’t aware of this email list.  SCLS will work on promoting this email list in hopes of facilitating more partnerships with databases and apps among libraries.  This should be discussed at the Administrative Council.  How many libraries are actively purchasing extra databases without going through WiLS?  We have had 4-6 projects in the last few years.  Libraries should get feedback from their clusters on this topic and bring feedback to the June meeting.     

c.       Cataloging Contract

                                                              i.      Discussion: We will vote on the Cataloging contract at the June meeting.  MAD and SCLS have already started working on the contract.  We still need to clean-up the dates, but Appendix G has been updated.  SCLS staff will get it out to you for final approval in June.  We are still talking about fees for 2020.

d.      Review service priorities for May All Directors

                                                              i.      Discussion: This ties into the budget discussion.  We don’t think we have any service priorities that would add fees for 2020.  The only thing possible is digital library cards.  Some libraries were asking about implementing digital library cards, but there is no concrete plan just yet.  They were encouraged to work on answering a few questions and presenting a formal plan to the Circulation Services Subcommittee for further review. We will not budget for digital library cards in 2020.

e.      Preliminary 2020 ILS budget proposal 

                                                              i.      Discussion:  V. Teal Lovely passed out a handout and anything marked yellow still needs to be updated.  We don’t anticipate any significant changes to the ILS budget for 2020.  Third party maintenance and start up increased.  (One contract has this built in.)  In 2018, IC had approval to move forward with linked data.  Money was taken out of budget for 2019 and this kept costs flat.  We need to start over with investigating this.  It was a hot topic and generated interest initially but may have died down.  We have $26,000 in contingency for linked data startup from fees collected in 2018.  We will not add it to the active budget.  Some other things mentioned were text messages costs continue to increase, staff salaries and benefits, and ILS Cataloging services (still discussing with MAD).  Our authority control vendor, LTI, is going out of business and we will need to switch vendors.  We just got our last extract from them.  The cost for authority control should be similar for 2020 (or maybe even less).  We are looking at Backstage Library Works and Marcive as possible replacements for authority control.   

f.        Patron testing of Bibliovation Discovery Layer (Discovery Interface Subcommittee)

                                                              i.      Discussion: This came up at the DIS meeting.  J. Ineichen from MAD asked about patrons doing testing of the Bibliovation Discovery Layer.  SCLS doesn’t have staff time to coordinate a project that involves having patrons test.  J. Ineichen’s idea involves coming up with a script for staff to use with patrons that would provide a framework for patrons to go through basic tasks in the Discovery Layer. Staff would work with patrons in person. Anything that he developed for this could be made available for other libraries to use if they want to do something similar.  Would this be useful?  A. Gannaway noted that data in the sandbox is fairly old and patrons may see lost or other charges that might concern them.  Library staff could create a dummy account that patrons could use for testing.  M. Navarre Saaf is concerned about patron’s expectations from participating in this process before go live.  The group felt that it makes more sense to do patron testing after the migration, when the feedback could be used for future development.  A. Gannaway will report this to the Discovery Interface Subcommittee.        

g.      Phasing out the Firefox browser

                                                              i.      Discussion: As of Friday morning, SCLS staff were talking about trying to phase out Firefox.  One reason, is Firefox has an aggressive update schedule and we are only doing every even upgrade.  Every time there is an upgrade, ILS staff has to do extensive testing to make sure the update won’t break any functionality.  The second reason for phasing out Firefox is that they added these “critically out of date” messages that need to be closed out of.  The Technology staff figured out how to permanently hide these messages.  We do have our receipt and spine label printer profiles on staff PCs in Firefox.  However, some libraries copy and paste the information directly into the spine label printer profile.  We don’t know what is going to happen in Bibliovation with receipts and spine labels.  We have discovered some people like Firefox for certain things.  Our intent is to try and provide two browsers at all times; Chrome and Edge.  We will keep Firefox for now. 

6.      Items from clusters: None.

7.      Plan for next meeting: June 05, 2019 / SCLS Headquarters

a.      Action: Approve final 2020 ILS budget proposal

b.      Action: Approve Cataloging Contract


8.      Adjournment:  11:45 am

For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

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