ILS Committee Minutes

August 5, 2020, 10 am

Phone/video conference


Action Items:

The IC recommended that ILS Libraries will follow the SCLS database renewals timeline, commitment, guidelines, and procedures.  ILS libraries requesting authentication for a database or application new to SCLS should allow for four months before it can be implemented.

The IC recommended that we delete the low-use Shelving Location GGLL.

The IC recommended that we go with Solus for our new Mobile App.

The IC recommended that we use ILS Contingency to fund SIP2 for Capira.


Present: Erin Foley, ACL (1), Cathy Borck, WID (2), Suzann Holland, MRO (3), Eddie Glade, PCPL (4), Emily Judd, SKC (5), Eric Norton, MCM (6), Heidi Cox, MCF (7), Lisa Stippich FCH (8), Nate Snortum, DCL (9, 10), Margie Navarre Saaf, Susan Lee, Molly Warren, MAD (11 -13)

Absent: None

Excused: None

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)

SCLS Present: Amy Gannaway, Heidi Oliversen, Vicki Teal Lovely, Martha Van Pelt


1.      Call to Order 10:01 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      Lisa Stippich (FCH) is a proxy for Cluster 8 today. 

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      M. Van Pelt added the agreement of lending policies with non-LINK libraries under Discussion.  She sent an email with a copy of document to the scls-ic email list.  There have been a few minor revisions. 

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: June 3, 2020

a.      Motion: E. Norton moved approval of the June 2020 meeting minutes.  E. Glade seconded.

b.      Discussion: none.

c.       Vote: motion carried.


3.      Action Items

a.      Database Authentication policy

                                                              i.      Motion: M. Warren moves that ILS Libraries will follow the SCLS database renewals timeline, commitment, guidelines, and procedures.  ILS libraries requesting authentication for a database or application new to SCLS should allow for four months before it can be implemented.  H. Cox seconded.

                                                             ii.      Discussion: There are two places the database renewal information is posted on the SCLS web site (Timeline and Guidelines).  We are looking at something from the ILS side that says ILS libraries will follow these guidelines because otherwise SCLS can’t guarantee the database authentication will be complete in time.  If libraries are adding a new database that requires SIP authentication and we need 4 months to implement this.  This would allow approval for Capira approval at the October IC meeting.  M. Warren (MAD) mentioned that WiLS has not given them pricing yet for databases. 

                                                           iii.      Vote: motion carried.

b.      Recommendation from CMS to delete low use Shelving Location GGLL (Go Green, Lower Level)

                                                              i.      Motion: This recommendation came from the CMS Subcommittee.

                                                             ii.      Discussion:  A. Gannaway reviewed the discussion from the CMS Meeting.  Can we look at the charge and give the CMS Subcommittee power to delete Shelving Locations and Collection Codes not being used at their own discretion?  We can look into this.  We would need to have IC officially vote on this.  Cluster representatives should go back to their clusters and get feedback on giving the CMS power to do this.  We can officially vote on this at the next IC Meeting. 

                                                           iii.      Vote: motion carried.

c.       Mobile App Recommendation (from Mobile App Workgroup)

                                                              i.      Motion:  This recommendation came from the Mobile App Workgroup.  H. Cox moved that we go with Solus.  E. Norton seconded. 

                                                             ii.      Discussion: Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mobile App Workgroup.  They invested a lot of time and we appreciate their contributions.  A. Gannaway reviewed the evaluation process and recommendation.  Evaluations were done first and then criteria was ranked.  After that, we then looked at costs.  The recommended to go with Solus was based on the evaluation and it was a unanimous decision.  The features gained by going with Solus include the digital library card, patrons can store multiple accounts in the app, multiple languages (Spanish, they are working on Hmong), and accessibility features.  V. Teal Lovely went over the differences in cost for Capira and Solus.  She also reviewed the cost implications for each library.  Cost changes should not take effect until 2022.  The cost increase will be taken out of ILS contingency for 2021.  LibLime and Solus are confident we can implement the new app by December 1.            

                                                           iii.      Vote: motion carried.


4.      Reports

a.      ILS Report

                                                              i.      V. Teal Lovely reviewed the August ILS Report.  We should mention that a lot of work has been put into pandemic (quarantine, curbside, notices, etc.)  The CSS meets groups meets twice a month to help libraries deal with changing circumstances because of the pandemic.  The COVID 19 support page shows how much work has been going on and we will add more of this information to the August ILS Report.  ILS staff have reviewed Bibliovation fixes that have been completed since the pandemic started.  ILS staff are working on writing new specifications for LibLime.  Upgrades will get further apart because we have completed the “simple fixes.”  There is a problem with cancelling holds that they are working on.  There was an upgrade to the sandbox in the last few days. 

b.      Circulation Services Subcommittee

                                                              i.      M. Navarre Saaf reviewed the July meeting minutes.

c.       Collection Maintenance Subcommittee

                                                              i.      A. Gannaway reviewed the July meeting minutes.

d.      Discovery Interface Subcommittee

                                                              i.      A. Gannaway reviewed the July meeting minutes.


5.      Items from clusters for initial discussion

a.      Holds Available notices. 

                                                              i.      Discussion:  M. Navarre Saaf (MAD) wanted to start talking about Holds Available notices.  When libraries started shutting down, we did not have curbside and libraries were doing different things.   MAD modified their notices to say items you request are available to their notices including generic information leading them to the Libraries Bounce Back web page.  Now many have stopped extending due dates.  Would there be an option to get the “held through date” back on notices?  Could libraries choose to keep the generic wording or have the “held until date” back on the notices?  This hasn’t gone to CSS yet.  MAD is going back to hold shelf items expired after 8 days.  This can go to the CSS to work on the two templates that libraries can choose from.  STP also mentioned due date notices.  Their patrons are getting notices after they returned something saying it’s overdue because of quarantine.  The group suggested a bookmark could be created to go out with curbside items.  Libraries can also put signs near the door letting patrons know. 


6.      Discussion

a.      2021 new ILS services and grant ideas

                                                              i.      V. Teal Lovely suggested we look at this at the October meeting.  We are covering the digital library card and mobile app.  Some of the ideas are focusing on procedures, we’ll bring them to the October meeting and possibly at the November All Directors meeting. 

b.      Plan for fall ILS Users’ Summit

                                                              i.      We can discuss this at the October meeting.  We are unsure if we will hold one this year with the pandemic.  It would need to be virtual.  We have a lot going on with fine tuning the pandemic procedures.  We need to prepare for re-implementing procedures if libraries have to shut down again.  We want to make them easier to roll out/pull back.  The new Mobile App will be coming and more updates to Bibliovation. 

c.       Conduct Bibliovation development survey

                                                              i.      This will be discussed at the October meeting.

d.      Request to fund SIP for Capira

                                                              i.      An email from H. Cox went out to link-directors.  There is a $1200 fee to LibLime to setup SIP for a new subscription/database. Libraries are encouraged to find partners to share the costs. Libraries may also make a request to the ILS Committee to approve using the ILS contingency to cover the cost of the fee to LibLime. Libraries involved in the Capira project are MAD + branches, MCF, REE, VER, STO, and SUN. Motion: H. Cox requests that ILS Contingency be used to fund the LibLime $1200 fee for SIP setup. M. Navarre Saaf seconded.   

                                                             ii.      Vote: motion carried.  (In favor: MAD, MRO, MCF, FCH, SKC, DCL, MCM, WID).

                                                           iii.      Cluster 1 is opposed to using contingency funds for this because it seems to only benefit large libraries.  (REE and MCF are participating and they are considered small libraries).

e.      Amending policy with non-LINKcat policies (MVP)

                                                              i.      M. Van Pelt reviewed the changes to the policy.  In 2012, a work group formed from the AC and they created a lending agreement between SCLS LINKcat and non-LINKcat libraries.  The changes come from the ILL Subcommittee.  M. Van Pelt reviewed the document changes, which are highlighted in the document.  This will be voted on at the October 7 IC meeting and then go to the AC for final approval.  Non-LINK libraries would need to sign the agreement.  Please go back to your clusters and get feedback for the October meeting.    

7.      Plan for Next meeting:  October 7, 2020

a.      Discussion: 2021 Technology Plan: ILS section

b.      Discussion: Prepare for ILS Evaluation

c.       Discussion: Prepare for fall ILS Users’ Summit

d.      Discussion: Review ILS Contingency for possible reduction on 2021 ILS fees


8.      Adjournment at 11:49 am



For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


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