ILS Committee Minutes

February 2, 2022, 10 am

SCLS Headquarters or

Phone/video conference


Action Items:
The IC approved the 2022 ILS Committee calendar.

The IC approved adding the new Collection Code BKAFIUR (Staff: BOOKS AD FIC URBAN ; Patron: Urban Fiction.
The IC recommends the Multi-part DVDs Packaging decision will go to the All Directors Meeting in May with a weighted vote.


Present: Erin Foley, ACL (1), Debbie Bird, POR (2), Suzann Holland, MRO (3), Eddie Glade, PCPL (4), Lauren White (5), Eric Norton, MCM (6), Kate Hull, SUN (7), Phil Hansen, FCH (8), Nate Snortum, DCL (9, 10), Margie Navarre Saaf, Molly Warren, MAD (11 -13)

Absent: Susan Lee, MAD (11-13)

Excused: None

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)

SCLS Staff Present: Vicki Teal Lovely, Amy Gannaway, Heidi Oliversen, Martha Van Pelt


1.      Call to Order at 10:02 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      New cluster representatives will be introduced later in agenda.  Jill Porter MFD is a guest today.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      A. Gannaway added “Bug and Development Priority Discussion” as 6f.

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: December 1, 2021

a.      Motion: E. Glade moved approval of the December meeting minutes.  M. Navarre Saaf seconded.

b.      Discussion: none.

c.       Vote: motion carried.  L. White abstained. 


3.      Action Items

a.      Approve 2022 calendar

                                                              i.      Motion: M. Warren moved approval of the 2022 ILS calendar.  K. Hull seconded.

                                                            ii.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely reviewed the 2022 calendar. 

                                                          iii.      Vote: motion carried. 

b.      The CMS recommends adding the new Collection Code BKAFIUR (Staff: BOOKS AD FIC URBAN ; Patron: Urban Fiction).

                                                              i.      Motion: This recommendation came from the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee.

                                                            ii.      Discussion: A. Gannaway reviewed the motion from Collection Maintenance Subcommittee.  M. Warren said MAD would stop using the “Street Lit” Collection Code with the addition of this new code.

                                                          iii.      Vote: motion carried.

c.       Multi-Part DVD Packaging: who will make the decision? IC cluster reps on behalf of their clusters voting at the April IC meeting, or Directors voting individually at the May All Directors meeting.

                                                              i.      Motion: L. White moves that the Multi-part DVDs Packaging decision should go to the All Directors in May for a weighted vote.  E. Norton seconded. 

                                                            ii.      Discussion: We have two options for making this decision.  We could hold a Cluster vote at the April 2022 IC Meeting or a weighted vote at All Directors in May.  This topic will be presented and discussed at the March All Directors Meeting.  The majority of Cluster 5 supported taking this to All Directors meeting to vote.  In Cluster 5, BAR had a question--would libraries have a choice to do either way or would it be required for all libraries?  E. Norton is part of the steering work group that met yesterday and they talked about requiring this change going forward and there were questions about retroactive materials (possibility but not required). V. Teal Lovely said the retroactive project may be complicated because patrons tend to place holds on the first record they find.  In Cluster 5, NOF requested it not be a weighted vote.  We do weighted voting now.  Can the IC change how directors vote?  M. Van Pelt said we can’t change the voting process in the middle of the year.  All other voting is subject to weighting and is mentioned in the SCLS contract libraries sign when they join.  Reviewing how we vote is a separate issue.  E. Foley thinks it should be reviewed because it’s been in place a long time.  This was last reviewed in 2013 by the AC, so this would be a much bigger discussion.  We could vote at the April IC meeting by clusters, which is a representative vote.  If we vote at the ILS Committee and not the All Directors, each cluster rep would need to bring back the votes to this group. Weighted votes go to All Directors.  We are required to use the weighted voting for the fees, but it is rarely used otherwise.  One example was when we decided on staying on Koha and moving forward with migrating to Bibliovation.  We can do an individual library vote at the All Directors for information purposes only (it is part of the process). 

                                                          iii.      Vote: motion carried.

1.      In favor: Lauren White, Phil Hansen, Suzann Holland, Debbie Bird, Margie Navarre Saaf, Molly Warren, Eric Norton, Kate Hull, Nate Snortum, Eddie Glade

2.      Opposed: E. Foley

3.      Abstentions: None


4.      Reports

a.      ILS Report

                                                              i.      V. Teal Lovely reviewed the February ILS Report. 

b.      Circulation Services Subcommittee

                                                              i.      M. Navarre Saaf reviewed the January meeting minutes.

c.       Collection Maintenance Subcommittee

                                                              i.      A. Gannaway reviewed the January meeting minutes.

d.      Discovery Interface Subcommittee

                                                              i.      A. Gannaway reviewed the January meeting minutes.

e.      Multi-part DVDs Packaging Work Group

                                                              i.      V. Teal Lovely reviewed the posted minuets and the discussion from yesterday’s Steering work group meeting.  They met to talk about how they will be sharing information at the March 2022 All Directors meeting.  Categories: patron interaction, ILS circulation workflow, cataloging, whether or not to do a retroactive project, etc.  The charge for this group has changed to share information instead of making a recommendation.  They will be gathering information over the next month to present at the All Directors Meeting in March.    

f.        Delivery Workflows Work Group (on hiatus)

                                                              i.      V. Teal Lovely reported that this group is on hiatus until after the Multi-part DVD Packaging decision is made.


5.      Items from clusters for initial discussion

a.      None.


6.      Discussion

a.      Introduce new cluster reps

                                                              i.      Discussion: Kate Hull from SUN is a new representative for Cluster 7 on this committee.

b.      Cluster Rep Orientation

                                                              i.      Discussion: M. Van Pelt reviewed the cluster representative documents.

c.       Cataloging pilot at MFD

                                                              i.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely mentioned this pilot project when reviewing the ILS Report. MFD will begin cataloging local history and genealogy materials. Other cataloging may be added later. Eventually, it more MARC cataloging rights may be extended to other libraries with proper agreements, training, etc.

d.      Local holds only pilot at MFD

                                                              i.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely mentioned this pilot project when reviewing the ILS Report.  J. Porter mentioned this pilot project is for really popular authors where they order a lot of copies.  Roughly half of what they order will be circulated for holds at other libraries.  This is an alternative to a “Lucky Day” collection.  E. Glade and E. Foley are interested in doing a pilot like this in the future.  V. Teal Lovely said that perhaps at the April meeting we can discuss adding additional libraries to the pilot project if everything is going well.  Cluster representatives should go back and talk to their clusters about this.  E. Norton said it seems valuable for smaller libraries because larger libraries (ex. MFD, MAD, MCM) have budgets that allow them to have “Lucky Day” collections.  He believes some of pilot projects should be at smaller libraries.  H. Oliversen said ARP would probably be interested in doing this pilot.  E. Glade asked if MFD splits copies and their in-house copies aren’t being checked out, will they be put back into circulation to fill holds at other libraries.  Yes, MFD will review this on a regular basis and fill other library holds.  K. Hull is interested in knowing the potential downsides.  She can see the benefit for libraries to do this with a limited collection.  However, if a lot of libraries start doing this a lot, would patrons have to wait longer for materials?  K. Hull asked if this would affect RTH because it has had glitches lately.  H. Oliversen reported that the problems with the RTH algorithm were fixed in the 7.0 upgrade.  MFD will keep track of positives and negatives.  We want to go through the process to see what patrons and staff think.  E. Foley mentioned ACL’s population is a less internet savvy community and this would help make things more equitable.  MFD is attached to a community center, which hosts a large senior population.  During their first few months on Bibliovation there were complaints from their patrons about the lack of materials on shelf and they are hoping this will help alleviate that.  Please bring any questions/comments to the April meeting. 

e.      Explore marketplace for web based functionality in other ILS products—PLA in Portland

                                                              i.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely said exploring the marketplace is on our Technology plan.  V. Teal Lovely and H. Oliversen will be going to PLA this year and talking to vendors.  Sirsi/Dynix will not be there, but they have offered to do an onsite demo.  V. Teal Lovely and H. Oliversen will be inquiring about web based functionality and new development.  They will also be looking at locker vendors.  V. Teal Lovely will send out an email to link-announce to see if any other library staff are planning to attend.  If anyone is going and interested in helping, please V. Teal Lovely know.

f.        Bug and development priorities discussion

                                                              i.      Discussion: A. Gannaway reviewed the spreadsheets with feedback for the bug and development functionality.  The feedback came from the Fall User Groups, Subcommittees, and from a survey sent out to Directors.  She ranked them based on these votes.  LL has another release coming that will fix bugs (7.2), but we are not sure when it will be implemented. There was a consensus from the group take the Top 5 bug fixes to LibLime.  After that, we will come back and do another round of voting on bugs.  A. Gannaway reviewed the development spreadsheet. The feedback has a separate list of Top 5 development from different modules. A. Gannaway did a ranking on these as well.  Development is a different process because LibLime would have to give us a quote.  ILS staff will work on a description to submit for the Top 5 development projects.  What we move forward with, will depend on cost.  Libraries can submit tickets for development requests or things that you would like changed through the Help Desk Portal.      

7.      Plan for Next meeting: April 6, 2022 at SCLS Headquarters or via phone/video conference

a.      Discussion: Cataloging Contract

b.      Discussion: Review service priorities for May All Directors

c.       Discussion: Preliminary 2023 ILS budget proposal


8.      Adjournment at 11:38 am.


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


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