Library Innovation Subcommittee Minutes

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
SCLS Headquarters, Chester Room
9:00 am

Attendance: Jan Holmes, Rose Ziech, Mark Ibach, Jody Hoesly, Shawn Brommer, Jean Anderson

1.     Call to Order: 9:03 a.m.

a.     Introduction of members and guests. None.

b.    Approval of previous meeting's minutes. Motion to approve: Jan. Second: Mark. Carried.

c.     Changes/additions to the agenda. None.

2.     Reports of action:

a.     Digital Content work group report. April 12 meeting discussed cataloging South Central Wisconsin Local Histories Collection books that were digitized with grants. Madison catalogers have added records to LINKcat. June 14 meeting cancelled.

3.     Items for discussion:

a.     Sub list: local models for funding sub pool. Came up from a Columbia County meeting. SCLS isn’t going to be putting any funds towards it. Counties or libraries are welcome to generate a local model. The SCLS Foundation was approached but declined to fund it.

b.    SCLS Foundation money available for 2017: $5639.22. The Foundation meets on July 28 and would like to make a decision about spending the money in a way that can be accessed/benefit systemwide.

                                          i.    Bedbug zapper is purchased. Do we want county-based kits? $200 each.

                                         ii.    Planning sessions/special CE – topic suggestions? YWCA 2018.

                                        iii.    Short Takes for Trustees? - Is being used and interest in continuing to have education for trustees. $1595.

                                        iv.    Hillbilly Elegy discussion kits? – Only $50.

                                         v.    Foundation 2018 money: $5469.75. Ideas for that?

1.     Measure the future - building software -

2.     LSTA funding changing - use for technology, inclusive services, and other categories when funding is changing.

3.     VR Kit and GoPro cameras.

4.     Ergonomic equipment for an office to try out.

5.     Georgia tech kids - 3D pens.

c.     Planning session idea for job seeker meetings: share info about how it went. (Shawn). Held 3 planning sessions in March/April. Went really well - had representatives from agencies that serve job seekers at each one as well as library staff members. Made great connections between organizations and libraries. Shawn has followed up with partners and they want to continue the program. Ask a Social Worker is the plan for the fall planning sessions. SUN, MRO, and MCM were the hosts for the spring sessions.

4.     Meeting evaluation and summary.

a.     Recap action items. None.

b.    Next meeting date: September 19.

5.     Adjournment.