Library Innovation Subcommittee
September 19, 2017, 9:00 am
SCLS Headquarters


Attending: Mark Ibach, SCLS; Jody Hoesly, SCLS; Rose Ziech, SCLS; Jean Anderson, SCLS; Leah Fritsche, DEE

1.         Call to Order - 9:05 a.m.

a.       Introduction of members and guests. None.

b.      Approval of previous meeting's minutes. Leah moved, Mark seconded.

c.       Changes/additions to the agenda. None.

2.         Reports of action:

a.       Digital Content work group report. Met and talked about ideas for how different types of libraries can potentially collaborate on digital preservation projects.

3.         Items for discussion:

a.       SCLS Foundation support for “Measure the Future” project. Up to $1500 is approved to purchase “Measure the Future” equipment. The Foundation would be willing to spend more if it works well and there is interest. This supports collecting data to feed into a data dashboard. More info:, A way to figure out how your library is being used - creates a heat map of usage in your library spaces. Going beyond gate counts. Feasibility study at this point - to see if we can make it work and create kits for libraries to use. Foundation was excited to support this initiative.

b.      Data dashboard progress: - Jody gave a brief overview of her progress on data dashboard project.

c.       Update on Wisconsin Libraries Transform project. - Mark talked about the Dane County Pilot for which has been going for almost a year. Launched at National Library Week. Libraries signed up for a month - to get all libraries to submit a story. Use for library legislative day, especially. Update postcards and things that libraries provide for patrons. Madison agreed to keep posting stories and update the site (hosted on SCLS servers). Plan is to continue until National Library Week 2018 and then open it up systemwide. Focus on one county to test it and open it up. WLA interested in participating at some point.

d.      Project ideas? What are you dreaming of doing at your library? What needs and issues are you facing?

                                                               i.      Coding kits - According to Heather at MCF is working on a kit and will let us know what’s in it when it’s ready.

                                                             ii.      Where is the statewide project at with DPI? Mark will check with Tessa.

4.         Meeting evaluation and summary.

a.       Recap action items.

b.      Next meeting date: November 14. Mark will lead as Rose will be home with Baby Z.

c.       Adjournment. 9:40 a.m. Moved - Leah and Jean move and second. Meeting adjourned.