Library Innovation Subcommittee Notes

12/18, 2018, 9:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Chester Room


Action Items:

Item 1 Welcome new members

Item 2 Consider grant opportunities:

i.                    IMLS School Library, Community Memory, and Digital Inclusion Grants

ii.                  ALA Loleta D. Fyan Grant

Item 3 Approve 2019 meeting dates: February 12, April 9, June 11, August 13, October 8, and December 10


Present: Chris Baker, POR; Nathan Rybarczyk, BAR; Angela Noel, BRD; Kris Houtler REE; Renee Daley, ROM, Leah Fritsche, DEE, Lori Belongia, MAR; Jenna Assmus RIO; Jan Holmes, SUN; Brian Kopetsky, MCM

Recorder: Mark Jochem

SCLS staff present: Jean Anderson, Rose Ziech, Mark Ibach, Jody Hoesly, Mark Jochem, and Shawn Brommer


(Comments from specific people are approximations)

1.      Call to order time 9:02____________

a)      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      Kris Houtler REE

                                                             ii.      Lori Belongia MAR

                                                           iii.      Renee Daley ROM

                                                           iv.      Nathan Rybarczyck BAR

                                                             v.      Leah Fritsche DEE

                                                           vi.      Chris Baker POR

                                                         vii.      Angela Noel BRD

                                                       viii.      Brian Kopetsky MCM

                                                           ix.      Jan Holmes SUN

b)      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      Changes NONE

                                                             ii.      Additions NONE

c)      Requests to address the Committee


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: 10/09, 2019

a)      Changes or corrections: NONE

b)      Approved by motion

                                                              i.      Approved by Leah

                                                             ii.      Seconded by Jan

3.      Action items

a)      Item 1 Welcome new members: Rose greeted new members

b)      Item 2 Consider Grant opportunities

                                                              i.      IMLS School Library, Community Memory, and Digital Inclusion Grants

1.      IMLS School Library – Not discussed.

2.      Community Memory Grant focuses on digitization of materials in local memory ($50,000)

a.      Mark I-How might libraries fit into this? Digitization projects in progress

b.      Shawn-Could support digitization efforts.

c.       Rose-SCLS is providing programs about digitizing and preserving materials

d.      Jan-Good fit for preserving artifacts and incorporating Makerspace elements

e.      Mark I-Might make digitization projects more worthwhile

f.        Chris B-Storytelling projects

g.      Jean-Webinar today and Feb. regarding the grant

h.      Shawn-Could some attend and report back to the next innovation subcommittee?

i.        Leah-more information needed, what specifically can we do?

j.        Rose-Need more info

k.       Jody-Projects related to storytelling and also copyright

l.        Shawn-People from UW Folklore Department – to help determine what is meaningful

m.    Mark I-SCLS has equipment for storytelling collection esp. audio, but grant funds may be helpful for video.

n.      Jody-Preserving veteran’s stories

o.      Chris B-SCLS Digitization Kit for whole system vs individual libraries applying for the grant

p.      Jody-Equipment and Programming combined

q.      Jean-Unknown if it is just for libraries or can systems apply

r.       Shawn-Based on past experience worthwhile looking into

s.       Angela-Systems can apply

t.        Mark I- Contact David Dennison at DPI for clarification

u.      Brian- At MCM we have a podcasting space that other libraries are welcome to use. We are also working on a mobile podcasting kit as part of a WiLS grant.

v.       Mark I-Discuss more in January by email

3.      Digital Inclusion Grants

a.      Improve access to civic data and community engagement could support broadband access

b.      For small libraries: flexible ‘small’ definition

                                                                                                                                      i.      Shawn-SCLS could apply, could support digitization project

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Angela-It is for small libraries

                                                                                                                                   iii.      Mark I-Opportunities to provide more civic data

                                                             ii.      ALA Loleta D Fyan – Due January 11 ($5,000)

1.      Systems and libraries can apply

2.      Criteria:

a.      Development and improvement of library services

b.      Broad impact

c.       Designed to affect change

d.      Do-able in a year

3.      Angela-More substance abuse training

4.      Leah-More mental health trainings – lots of interest in mental health first aid.

5.      Jean-DFT had it, $80/person there are limits on the number of people, 2-4 hour sessions (8 hours total)

6.      Mark I-Provide in multiple libraries?

7.      Jean-Can staff commit to this? Have during in-service trainings, might combine with multiple libraries – cost is an issue. It is expensive.

8.      Angela-Potentially, each library sends someone

9.      Rose-What is the broader impact?

a.      Describe local need

b.      Describe broad impact

10.  Angela-the need is great

11.  Leah-Small communities need it. Fills training holes for staff for better handling of situations.

12.  Jean-Use CE grants to help-must be a balance. The funds will not be available for other opportunities if used.

13.  Mark I-Not a train the trainer program

14.  Angela-a starter training- a way to ask for money, ask library boards to put in money. The grant could make funding easier to get.

15.  Leah- Splitting the training costs in half, the board would go along with it.

16.  Jean-DEF used CE funds for half the cost

17.  Shawn-SCLS Foundation funding possible?

18.  Leah-Ties into workforce development – mental health issues show up and is tied to jobs

19.  Mark I-Thoughts from online?

20.  Lori-Training is valuable

21.  Angela-Possible SCLS Foundation grant match

22.  Mark I-Next meeting SCLS Foundation in January

a.      Money is 2 years behind-2019 money is from 2017

b.      Foundation would support projects like this.

c.       With an estimate, possibly contact foundation before the next meeting

23.  Jean-CE funds available for one

24.  Leah-Easier to do a full day, especially for staff with two jobs.

25.  Mark I-Limits?

26.  Jean-20?

27.  Shawn-the deadline is quite difficult

a.      Is it better to put more time in it?

28.  Renee- I have talked to our Police department and they are willing to offer training to myself and staff, just trying to find a time that works with everyone’s schedule.

29.  Mark I-Alliant Energy or other foundations may help fund

30.  Shawn a group needed to identify needs

a.      More thought needed to put into training

b.      Can find money, this may not be the best grant due to timeframe

31.  Jody-Rural mental health aid grants from IMLS

32.  Mark I-Good project

33.  Leah-Might not be the grant for right now

34.  Angela-Take the time to do it well

35.  Chris-Consider how many individuals from libraries need the training

c)      Item 3 Approve 2019 meeting dates: Feb 12, Apr 9, Jun 11, Aug 13, Oct 8, Dec 10

                                                              i.      Conflict Feb 12- Library Legislative Day

1.      Move to Feb 19

                                                             ii.      Conflict-move October due to WLA conference?

1.      Move to Oct 15

4.      Reports (for Committees only)

a)      None

5.      Items from clusters (for Committees only)

a)      None


6.      Discussion items

a)      New Members-What types of innovation interest you? What innovative projects are you undertaking at your library? What challenges or situations at your library need creative solutions?

                                                              i.      Kris REE-Digital inclusion grant-circulating hotspots. Podcast-participants would be less intimidated by voice podcasting – Becoming dementia friendly, creating memory kits and memory cafes, moving archives from basement any digitization equipment welcome

                                                            ii.      Chris POR-First line of defense for people’s needs, libraries not equipped to provide social support,

                                                          iii.      Brian MCM-WiLS grant for STEAM kits loanable –

                                                          iv.      Brian-MCM has Technology kits loanable to organizations, engineering kit, stop motion kit, ditching math for music (mobile studio kit), global literacy, mobile computer lab.

1.      Mark I-Asked Brian to do online update article about the kits loanable to community orgs.

2.      Brian-Aims to de-duplicate items and improve access for organizations

                                                            v.      Lori MFD-Working with middle school students who wait in the library for rides home, beginning teen hangout (board games, laptops, YouTube Karaoke). Working with domestic violence shelter to provide regular programs to teens. Lined up adult volunteers to monitor. Monthly technology program-now for all-age groups and homeschoolers

1.      Mark I-Great article for Online Update

                                                           vi.      Renee ROM– Since most of my patrons are retired seniors, we are focusing on programs geared towards them. Working with Mid State Tech college, offering classes on healhy eating, medicare, etc. We also work with Aging & Disability to offer, Tai Chi, Step classes, Memory Cafe and Diabetes classes. We started a gardening program for youth, will expand to adults this summer. For our younger patrons, we turned a study room into a makerspace room and it has been very successful so far. Challenges I am facing-trying to start a homebound service for my patrons with health issues.

b)      Follow-up from Youth Programming Workshop, Adult Programming Idea Swap, and Library Event Marketing & Photography events. Did you learn anything new? What ideas are you excited about?

                                                              i.      Leah- Staff member attended Library Event Marketing & Photography event. Found it very helpful.

7.      Plan for next meeting: 02/19, 2019 / SCLS

8.      Adjournment:  [10:02]

a)      Mark I-Made Motion

b)     Angela-Seconded

For more information about the Library Innovation Subcommittee, contact Rose Ziech.


SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

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