Library Innovation Subcommittee/Committee Notes/Minutes

August 13, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

SCLS Headquarters

Chester Room & Online via BlueJeans



Present: Kris Houtler (REE), Alex LeClair (LDI), Liz Zimdars (FCH), Jan Holmes (SUN), Chris Baker (POR), Nathan Rybarczyk (BAR)


Present via BlueJeans:  Renee Daley (ROM), Leah Fritsche (DEE), Nicole Ozanich (STP), Terrance Newell (MAD), Lori Belongia (MFD), Brian Kopetsky (MCM)


Recorder: Tamara Ramski


SCLS staff present: Rose Ziech, Mark Ibach, Mark Jochem, Jean Anderson, Shawn Brommer, Samantha Link


1.      Call to order time 9:00 a.m.

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors: None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda: None.

c.       Requests to address the Committee: None.


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: 2019-06-11

a.      Changes or corrections: None

b.      Approved by motion Mark Ibach motioned, Liz Zimdars seconded, approved.


3.      Action items: None.


4.      Reports (for Committees only): None.


5.      Items from clusters (for Committees only): None.


6.      Discussion items

a.      Review Lessons Learned Survey and recommend next steps.

                                                              i.      Shawn created a survey draft with input from Kris, Alex, Leah, and Lori.

1.      The survey includes questions on issue topics, resolutions, what worked, and what was learned.

2.      Questions were also included about preferences for receiving communications from SCLS (in a separate section of the same survey.

                                                             ii.      Survey recommendations:

1.      First (#1), gather information to create a list of issues/problems.

2.      Second (#2), follow-up with other questions about resolutions, suggestions, etc.

3.      Use responses to generate themes that can be brought to this committee.

4.      Provide a check-list of example topics (technology/helping patrons/team building/ management/office design). Include an “Other” option.

5.      Categorize the issues. Make them specific. (Alex)

6.      Send one survey to gather info for both #1 and #2. (Chris)

7.      Start with asking about what problems are being faced then use the responses to start brainstorming. (Nathan)

8.      Is a survey the right format? Just start with a Wiki or something like it? (Nicole)

9.      Use language that is direct but not too formal. (Chris)

10.  The draft survey may still be used in the future.

                                                           iii.      How to gather information:

1.      Have conversations with focus groups. (Mark J.)

2.      Need to include input from directors and staff. (Mark I.)

3.      Could gather information while facilitating other meetings. (Shawn)

4.      Social media may not be the answer, but people are willing to be honest/direct/specific when the setting is informal or maybe anonymous. (Chris)

5.      A CE survey was recently conducted, some issues may overlap. (Jean)

6.      A Library Innovation Submission Form is included with every Top Five. (Shawn)

7.      Information could be pulled from SCLS Annual Visit reports. (Nathan)

8.      Conversations at All Directors Meetings-this has been done in the past. (Mark I.)

                                                           iv.      Information Exchange (Suggestions and Questions):

1.      Create a list of solutions.

2.      Create a knowledge base (but getting people to add information to a knowledge base can be a challenge). (Jan)

3.      The format needs to be right. (Jean-example: email works good for Kids List, but not for every subject)

4.      How do people find the information, how do we keep them coming back to it, and how do we keep the information fresh? (Rose)

5.      It needs to be easy to contribute to and participate with. (Rose)

6.      Could it be tied to an SCLS problem page? (Nathan)

7.      Could in-person sharing work? (Rose)

8.      There needs to be a reason to contribute/make it a priority. (Jean)

9.      Could CE be based on the topics? (Lori)

10.  Would it work to start with a survey and then hold follow-up conversations through emails? (Nicole)

11.  Need to find a way for people to share their expertise and experiences. (Shawn)

12.  Responses/communication should be kept for future reference when similar situations come up. (Mark J.)

13.  Something like a Wiki or Help Desk type thing might be useful. (Nathan)

14.  A message board might work. (Chris)

                                                            v.      Action:

1.      Separate the SCLS communication preferences part of the survey (it will be sent separately).

2.      Review SCLS Annual Visit reports for topics.

3.      Rework the survey submission form.

4.      Determine how the information will be shared.


b.      Follow up on 2020 Census Library Outreach (Mark J.) (Discussion tabled until next meeting.)

                                                              i.      Internet self-response starts in March 2020.

                                                             ii.      Action: Review related documents linked on meeting page:

1.      Census 2020-Complete Count (WI DPI)

2.      Libraries Guide to Census 2020 (ALA)

3.      Census Tip Sheet + Ideas (ALA)


7.      Plan for next meeting: October 15, 2019 / SCLS Headquarters

a.      Item: Continue discussion on the Lessons Learned Survey and recommend next steps.

b.      Item: Follow up on 2020 Census Library Outreach (Mark J.)

                                                              i.      Provide an update about Census 2020 outreach in libraries.

                                                             ii.      Discuss plan for libraries to participate, considerations to make, and next steps.


8.      Adjournment:  9:56 am. Shawn Brommer moved to adjourn, Jan Holmes seconded. Motion approved.

For more information about the Library Innovation Subcommittee, contact Rose Ziech.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

Library Innovation Subcommittee/Minutes/08-2019