Library Innovation Subcommittee Minutes

October 13, 2020, 9:00am



Action Items: None.


Present: Renee Daley (ROM), Leah Fritsche (DEE), Kris Houtler (REE), Alex LeClair (LDI), Jill Porter (MFD), Melissa Roelli (MTH)

Excused: Nathan Rybarczyk (BAR), Carol Kaufman (SUN)

Recorder: Tamara Ramski

SCLS staff present: Jean Anderson, Shawn Brommer, Craig Ellefson, Mark Ibach, Mark Jochem, Rose Ziech


1.      Call to order time: 9:02 am

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors: None

b.      Changes/Additions to the agenda:

                                                              i.      Mark I. added a PDF with feedback about Library Aware to the agenda

                                                             ii.      Rose will add a link to the cooking and baking kits

c.       Requests to address the Committee: None


2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: August 11, 2020

a.      Jill Porter, Mark J. moved and seconded

b.      Approved


3.      Action items: None.


4.      Reports

a.      Watch for a social services webinar series in 2021.

                                                              i.      Shawn, Jean, and Mark J. are collaborating on providing a CE webinar series on social work for librarians.

                                                             ii.      Identified potential speakers and topics for a webinar series.

1.      1st Webinar-What might social work in public libraries look like? Possible speakers: Mary Nienow (was at UW -Eau Claire, Now at St. Kate’s in the twin cities) and Sara Zettervall Authors of - Whole Person Librarianship.

2.      How does LE Phillips Memorial Public Library (Eau Claire) provide social work services? Possible speakers: Libby Richter (Community Resources Specialist) and Pamela Westby (Library Director), L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire.

3.      Connecting libraries with regional schools of social work.

                                                           iii.      When and how the webinars will be provided is to be determined.

                                                           iv.      Jean will talk with other library systems in the state to see if they want to co-sponsor, specifically Leah Langby at IFLS.

b.      New central annual library visit reports page.

                                                              i.      All reports will be posted on a dedicated page on the SCLS website. Individual reports won’t be linked on Library Innovation Subcommittee meeting pages anymore.


5.      Items from clusters (for Committees only):

a.      Cluster 2: Alex reported on an idea presented by Lindsey Ganz-Cluster 2 libraries will join together to purchase a Zoom account and will share the cost of program fees.

                                                              i.      The idea is still in the planning phase:

1.      How much money is contributed by a library would determine the number of attendees from that library that can join the program.

2.      Performer fees could be shared, allowing more programs than a single library could afford.

3.      There will be branding, logos, and coordinated marketing.  CoCo (for Columbia County).

                                                             ii.      Issues to be considered:  

1.      Tiers of subscriptions and size limits ( in Zoom).

2.      Stream security issues.

3.      Can recorded events be posted or accessed indefinitely?

4.      Management of remote programs.

1.      Registration.

2.      Control of links to programs.

5.      Technical issues and preparedness of performers.

 Have to control the links that are sent out/sign-ups.

6.      Jean-offered help with Zoom questions. She will be attending the Zoom User Conference-Zoomtopia.

                                                           iii.      Discussion:

1.      Kris-REE will be doing a community survey and may ask if the community would participate in these types of programs.

2.      Mark I.-Depending on the performer or program, if a library contributes more money, they could reserve a higher percentage of attendance spots. Some programs more popular in one library vs another.


6.      Discussion items

a.      Cooking & baking kits.

                                                              i.      Craig, Mark, and Shawn met and ordered equipment.

                                                             ii.      The kits are almost ready. They have been boxed, labeled, and have inventory lists with pictures.

1.      The Cooking Kit is in three bins.

2.      The Baking Kit is in two bins with a light kit in a separate case.

                                                           iii.      Documentation on using the kits has not been created. Is it needed?

1.      Jean suggested including a printed PDF of instructions for equipment like the convection oven and also posting a link to the PDF on the webpage with the kits’ information.

2.      Shawn suggested adding photos of the kits’ contents on the kits’ webpage. Craig will put the image files on the shared drive.

3.      The kits will come with reminders to clean and dry the contents before re-packing them.  

b.      Follow up on Library Aware – feedback from libraries using it.

                                                              i.      Mark I. shared a PDF form with feedback about Library Aware.

1.      MCF uses it and likes it.

1.      They like that up-to-date materials are provided.

2.      Prefer it over Canva because it is library focused.

3.      A negative is they have to create new (multiple) formats of materials based on the platform that will be used to share it.  

2.      Bridges Library System will be getting it in 2021 for a trial project.

3.      STO just started using it.

1.      Price point ~$1000 year.

2.      They like the email management features.

4.      Ben Miller (DPI)-Will add it to their list of things to consider as part of Resources for Lifelong Learning (part of Badgerlink) for 2022.

                                                             ii.      Starting point quoted cost for all SCLS libraries to have access is $23,000.

1.      Based on STO paying $1000, it is likely it will be more than $23000 for the whole system.

2.      Nothing in SCLS budget for 2021 for this, would have to look into it for 2022.

3.      Cost is based on size of population served.

4.      Jean suggested might get better pricing through WiLS.

                                                           iii.      Is there interest in it?

1.      Jill-Worth pursuing and finding out the cost to system.

2.      Kris-It looks interesting.

1.      Maybe committee members can look into it individually to check out the features.

2.      Pricing (based on STO’s cost) is on-par with their Mail Chimp costs (which is not customized for library use).

3.       Likes the way STO newsletters link to LINKcat.

3.      Alex- Likes the features, but not enough need for their smaller library to make cost worth it. 

1.      Uses Mail Chimp. $15/mo for up to 500 contacts. 

2.      Jill – MFD also has MailChimp, with enough contacts that LibraryAware might be competitive for the newsletter feature alone.

                                                           iv.      Can spend time over the next year looking into it.

1.      Mark I.-It will not make sense to subscribe if only ¾ of libraries will chose to use it.

2.      Ebsco could give a presentation preview to this committee on its features (45 minutes).

                                                             v.      Deb provides a lot of the same services for SCLS libraries.


c.       Maker kit ideas – feedback on virtual presentation kit idea (iPad/camera, tripod, lights, and microphone).

                                                              i.      Craig asked for feedback on the intentions of using the equipment.

1.      Is it for live streaming or pre-recording (then posting)?

2.      How are videos being captured? Webcams?

3.      Is editing software being used? 

                                                             ii.      It is problematic to have just one kit shared among all libraries.

1.      Mark I-The kit can be used to test equipment before a library decides what equipment to purchase.

                                                           iii.      Feedback:

1.      Melissa-Doing both live streaming and recorded programming.

1.      Live streaming is not getting a lot of response. For story times and workshops, have found recorded programs work better.

2.      Used some equipment they had on hand and are purchasing what new equipment they need.

3.      Wouldn’t check out the kit. They are using the equipment almost daily.

4.      Uses GoPro on her head for demonstrations and Adobe Creative Suite for editing recorded videos.

2.      Kris-They need the equipment on-hand all the time.

1.      They will purchase what they need (but that might not be in every library’s budget).

3.      Shawn-Suggested getting additional feedback at upcoming Youth Services meeting.  

d.      Census 2020 follow up.

                                                              i.      End of October is the deadline.

                                                             ii.      Responses are slightly down in WI from 2010.

                                                           iii.      Every county in SCLS has a higher response rate than 2010.


7.      Plan for next meeting: December 8, 2020, BlueJeans

a.      Update on cooking and baking kits.

b.      Follow up on Library Aware-Is there interest? Schedule a presentation in 2021 and get quote for cost.

c.       Maker kit ideas – feedback on virtual presentation kit idea from Youth Services meeting.

d.      Updates on 2021 Social Work in Libraries Webinar Series.

e.      Update from Cluster 2: Shared zoom and programing services (CoCo).


8.      Adjournment:  10:03 am

a.       Mark Ibach, Jill Porter moved and seconded.

For more information about the Library Innovation Subcommittee, contact Rose Ziech.

SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

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