Discovery Interface Subcommittee Notes

July 18, 2018, 9:30am

SCLS Headquarters

Chester Room


Action Items: None


Present: Tina Marie Maes (MAD), Jenny Carr (MID), Rachael Page (DEE), Emma Cobb (VER)

Absent: Jake Ineichen (MAD)

Excused: Robin Krueger (PIN)

Recorder: Michelle Karls (SCLS)       

SCLS staff present: Amy Gannaway (SCLS), Rose Ziech (SCLS), Kayla Linke (SCLS)


1.      Call to order time: 9:35 am.

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors

                                                              i.      None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda

                                                              i.      Changes: None.

                                                            ii.      Additions: Amy added under Bibliovation Discussions:

1.      Bib results page show 1XX but not 7XX as g:xi

2.      Language: zxx display in search results as g:xii

c.       Requests to address the Committee

                                                              i.      None.

2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes: May 16, 2018

a.      Changes or corrections: None.

b.      Motion: J. Carr moved to approve the May 16th Discovery Interface Subcommittee Meeting Minutes. T. Maes seconded. Vote: motion carried.

3.      Action items

a.      None

4.      Discussion items

a.      Update: Change name of committee to Discovery Interface Subcommittee. 

                                                              i.      Discussion: This was approved by the ILS Committee.

b.      Update: Don’t Miss Lists Best Sellers

                                                              i.      Discussion: We added tracking to these links. We viewed a report of data for one week and the NY Times Print/E-book fiction was clicked 100 times in one week. The other links are less used but are still used, so we will leave the links as is.

c.       Update: Don’t Miss Lists Read on Wisconsin

                                                              i.      Discussion:  Amy talked to Shawn about this. Shawn was in favor of keeping the links here. Right now the links are pointed to the 2017/2018 lists. We will update this annually in August or September when the 2018/2019 lists are ready.   

d.      Update: Chapter a Day List

                                                              i.      Discussion: The new page is now available.

e.      Re-schedule November meeting?

                                                              i.      Discussion: It is currently scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. This has happened in the past and we have usually just cancelled the meeting, but given the Bibliovation work, should we try to reschedule this meeting? Amy will create a doodle poll and send it to the Subcommittee members via email to try to find a new date/time in November. 

f.        Syndetics Unbound subscription

                                                              i.      Discussion: This is a replacement subscription for our enhanced content. Amy is working to make the content look the same in our existing catalog. We would like to do this before the migration to Bibliovation. This will be removed from the parking lot.

g.      Bibliovation discussions

                                                              i.      Update on timeline.

1.      Discussion: We have officially decided to postpone the migration to Bibliovation from January to March/April. There are still many fixes that need to be made before we will migrate. It will not be earlier than March/April (and we will not migrate over the summer because of libraries’ summer reading programs).

                                                            ii.      Update on pre go live development and bugfixes

1.      Discussion: We are continuing to test and communicate with LibLime about problems.

                                                          iii.      How to label Audience facet categories

1.      Discussion: Amy reviewed the codes and labeling for the facet. Some records are coded inconsistently in the bib record and it is challenging to label the facet in a way that makes sense. The label for “Adult” means that there is a “blank” code in Audn fixed field of the bib record. However, some bibs are also coded with an “e” that technically also means Adult. If we labeled them both “Adult” then we would have two Adult facets. We don’t have a way to combine them into one. Also, the “Children” facet contains materials with the code “j” – however the more specific juvenile materials are also coded with a, or b, or c. In the Advanced search, the Audience drop-down limiter for Children contains all juvenile materials, including those coded j, a, b, or c. The facet would not work this way. Should we even use this facet given the inconsistency? It may confuse patrons. We don’t currently have this facet in our version of Koha. The committee felt that we should not display the Audience facet because it will cause confusion.

2.      Next steps: Amy will remove the Audience facet from the Bibliovation sandbox.               

                                                           iv.      Order and labeling of facets

1.      Discussion: We can move the order of the facets and change the labeling. After some discussion, the committee decided to mirror what we currently have in Koha.

2.      Next steps: Amy will change the order and labeling of the facets to match our existing facets, with the addition of the Genre/Form facet.

                                                             v.      How to display alternative titles (246 and 740)

1.      Discussion: Is it important to display alternate titles upfront in the bib details page? In our existing Koha, 246 fields are displayed, but the 740s aren’t displayed at all. The committee decided to display the 246 and uniform titles (740) in the bib details page.

2.      Next steps: Rose will put both back in and see how it looks. We will change the label for the 246 from “Varying title” to “Alternative title.”         

                                                           vi.      Indexes in drop-down on main page and advanced search

1.      Discussion: This is relatively easy to change. Which indexes do we want to make available on the main search page? The committee decided to use: Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Series, ISBN. The Call number index currently displays in LINKcat but this doesn’t work very well and not many patrons use it. We can continue to make Call number available via the Advanced Search. In the Advanced search, the committee decided to have Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Series, ISBN, ISSN, Publisher, Call number, Barcode. Currently in LINKcat we have “Title phrase” but this is confusing to patrons because it only includes the 245a. Publisher Location is also available but the committee decided it was not necessary as an index (it would still be available as part of the keyword search).

2.      Next steps: Amy will set up the drop-downs with these indexes.  Amy will look at the options for the standard number index. 

                                                         vii.      Number of search results to display on one page

1.      Discussion: Currently we have the Bibliovation sandbox set to 40 records per page. The subcommittee decided to change this to 25 to decrease scrolling.

2.      Next steps: Amy will make this change in Bibliovation.

                                                       viii.      Navigation through search results pages - # of pages to display at bottom?

1.      Discussion: The navigation at the bottom of the page in Bibliovation is different than what we currently have. In our existing catalog you have 10 pages, but in Bibliovation there is only 4. Also, if you hit next you only get one more page, while in LINKcat you get the next set of 10 pages. The committee would like this to mirror what we currently have.

2.      Next steps: Amy will look into getting this changed.

                                                           ix.      Review patron interface “dashboard”

1.      Discussion: LibLime hired someone to redesign the patron account interface and they are calling it a “dashboard.” The sidebar feature is gone and links have been moved to the bottom of the page, where they are harder to see. We want to hide “My Recent Activity” considering some patrons don’t save their reading history. We will also attempt to change My Library Dashboard to My Library Account. Navigation back to the “dashboard” home screen requires patrons to use the bread crumbs trail, rather than the sidebar links that used to be there. There are other miscellaneous bugs that need to be reported to LibLime.

2.      Next steps: SCLS staff will work through these issues and report problems to LibLime as needed.

                                                             x.      Other “design” subgroup meetings?

1.      Discussion: We decided that we don’t need to schedule additional “design” meetings at this time.

                                                           xi.      Bib results page show 1XX but not 7XX

1.      Discussion: Previously we discussed the possibility of hiding the 7xx fields from the search results page. Some bib records (especially for DVDs) have a large amount of 7xx fields. Rose and Kayla worked on this and currently on the search results page, both the 1xx and 7xx fields are displaying when there is a 1xx field in the bib record. If a bib does not have any 1xx fields, (which includes most DVDs), then the 7xx fields do not display in the search results page. They do display on the bib details page. The committee decided that this was ok.

                                                         xii.      Language ZXX display in search results

1.      Discussion: Some bib records have a language code of “zxx.” In the search results page, this displays as the actual code instead of explanatory text. In the Language facet, bibs with “zxx” display as “no linguistic content” so this should also display on the search results page too. This could be reported to LibLime. 

2.      Next steps: We will report the discrepancy with the “zxx” code to LibLime. Tina will look into the use of the zxx code and report back at the next meeting.

5.      Plan for next meeting: September 19, 2018 / SCLS Headquarters

a.      Continue with Bibliovation work.

6.      Adjournment: 11:40 am.

For more information about the Discovery Interface Subcommittee, contact Amy Gannaway.


SCLS staff are available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.

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