SCLS Administrative Council

Draft Minutes

Thursday, June 21, 2018
SCLS Headquarters, Chester Room
10:00 a. m.


Action Items: 
Approved voting shares for July All Directors fees votes
Approved Resource Library Agreements:  Statutory Resources Services Agreement & Supplemental Services Agreement

Approved Agreement to Participate in SCLS Technology Services (Technology Services Agreement)

E. Foley (1), L. White (3), L. Oathout (4), S. Kucher (5), A. Barnett (6), R. Claringbole (7), J. Williams (8), T. Herold (9-10), M. Navarre Saaf, S. Lee, M. Spelman (11-13)

(The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)

: C. Fesemyer (2) – proxies sent to M. Van Pelt
Recorder:  H. Moe

SCLS Staff Present: M. Van Pelt, C. Baumann, M. Ibach


Call to Order:  Chair M. Navarre Saaf called the meeting to order at 10:00a.m.  

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors: None


b.      Changes/Addition to the Agenda: None


c.       Requests to address the Council – policy: None


Approval of previous meeting minutes:  L. White moved approval of the 4-19-18 AC minutes and the 5-17-18 All Director Minutes. Motion seconded and carried.

Action items: 

a.      Approve voting shares for July All Directors fees votes:  S. Kucher moved to approve the voting shares of Delivery, ILS, and Technology, Advantage and OverDrive.  L. White seconded.  M. Van Pelt was proxy for Cluster 2 and they approved as well.  Motion carried.

                                                              i.      Delivery

                                                            ii.      ILS

                                                          iii.      Technology

1.      Infrastructure

2.      Network Services

3.      PC Support

4.      ILS Services & GetIt

                                                           iv.      Advantage

                                                             v.      OverDrive

b.      Approval of Resource Library Agreements:  Statutory Resources Services Agreement & Supplemental Services Agreement:  T. Herold moved approval of the Statutory Resources Services Agreement and the Supplemental Services Agreement.  L. Oathout seconded.  M. Van Pelt was proxy for Cluster 2 and they approved as well.  Motion carried.

c.       Approval of Agreement to Participate in SCLS Technology Services (Technology Services Agreement):  L. White moved approval of the Agreement to Participate in SCLS Technology Services.  R. Claringbole seconded. M. Van Pelt was proxy for Cluster 2 and they approved as well.  Motion Carried. 

Reports of action of committees/workgroups

a.                  Delivery Committee- C. Baumann - Met June 14th.  Discussed delivery fees and voting shares.  There will be a 1% increase to members.  Discussed the option of having member library members attend a “ride along” on a route with a delivery driver.  C. Baumann will put together some options and routes.  The committee also discussed the possibility of holding delivery committee meetings at different libraries in the system. 

b.                  ILS Committee – V. Teal Lovely – Met June 6th.  You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.   

c.         Technology Committee – V. Teal Lovely- Met June 6th. You may view the action items and details in the minutes of the last meeting online.  

d.         Consultants: You may view the report in the June AC documents online. 

e.         Library Innovation Subcommittee – M. Ibach noted J. Hoesly provided database information and dashboard information on statewide annual report data and will continue to work on it from the input she receives.  T. Ramski has a lot of digital content work.    WI Libraries Transform project is ready to go system wide.  An email was sent by M. Ibach to encourage libraries to collect stories and tie those into library card sign up week.  Information and tool kits are available to member libraries from the SCLS website.

f.          Public Library System Redesign Project:  What is the best way of how to present this information at the All Directors meeting in July?.  The steering committee and CRC have narrowed it down to two governance models:  Model Y and Model W.  Everyone should read these and go to the survey and indicate which one is preferred and why. 

John Thompson, Steve Ohs, and Angela Noel will be present at the All Directors for Q & A.  SCLS will provide seven laptops and others are encouraged to bring their own laptop to complete the survey.  Directors, library staff, as well as trustees are encouraged to complete the survey.  What is the best way to get the information to everyone to educate themselves prior to completing the survey?  It was suggested that two emails be sent: one to scls-announce, and the other to scls-directors encouraging their staff to complete the survey.  SCLS will also include a slide on the main page of the SCLS website with links to a website that contains all of the information needed.  The AC requested that SCLS share their viewpoint of the models at the July All Directors. 

a.      Model Y: 

b.      Model W

c.       Survey (due July 20, 2018)           

Items from clusters for initial discussion: 


Other discussion:

a.      Madison SCIDs Report and OLL Report:  S. Lee noted this year’s information about turnover was included to see how these items do.  OLL Report:  Kathy Wolkoff prepared the report.  If there are questions, please email S. Lee and she will pass them onto K. Wolkoff.  M. Van Pelt requested that K. Wolkoff look at the WisCat versus OCLC numbers in September to discuss what libraries would want to do with WisCat at the November All Directors Meeting.  SCLS is paying for the 14 libraries that requested Wiscat.  Depending on what the consensus will be, SCLS can’t guarantee it will pay the $200 fee/library in 2019.  If it’s the same number of libraries who want it, SCLS can probably afford the cost. 

b.      July All Directors: PLSR program in afternoon

c.       November All Directors at Sun Prairie

                                                              i.      Agenda items:

                                                            ii.      Afternoon CE: Technology CE credits will be available.  Provide a PLSR update

Digitization & Public Libraries

This session will include information on why digitization projects should be done, how it will benefit the library and its patrons, provide general digitization project workflows, and include resources on digitization best practices.

d.      Flipster 2019:  M. Van Pelt noted WPLC will not be pursuing the OverDrive periodicals in 2019.  Knowing that, does everyone want to continue with Flipster?  M. Van Pelt will contact Flipster for a new quote and create a spreadsheet to determine how much each library will be charged based on population.  Last year 8 libraries did not participate.  Talk to your clusters to determine their interest.



Next meeting:  All Directors July 19th at Fitchburg Public Library

Meeting adjourned at 11: 17 a.m.

H. Moe, recorder.


For more information about the Administrative Council, contact Martha Van Pelt.

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.