Lending Policy between SCLS LINKcat libraries and Non-LINKcat SCLS libraries

Draft updates, October 24, 2019


The Committee reviewed other existing loaning practices within SCLS and made the following related recommendations:

·         BULK LOANS

In their investigation, the Committee learned that some libraries provide bulk loans of their own materials to other libraries.  In such instances, the loaning library should create a separate card for each such library and use the patron category “bulk loan”.  Such loans should be limited to materials owned by the loaning library.

·         LINK EXPRESS

A fee-based service managed by SCLS Delivery, this makes possible the direct delivery of LINKcat materials to schools, organizations, and businesses.   Currently, each LINK Express customer uses Patron Category LINK EXPRESS which has the same limitations and restrictions as the ADULT patron category. 

It is recommended that

o   SCLS provide checkout data annually that identifies the number of LINK EXPRESS checkouts in that year to each LINK EXPRESS customer along with their taxing jurisdiction.  The library within each taxing jurisdiction may add the relevant circulation to their annual circulation on their annual report.

o   SCLS will offer and provide this service only to organizational patrons in communities whose libraries participate in LINKcat.  The two existing customers that do not meet this criterion will continue to be served until alternate arrangements can be made.