Technology Report


Reminder - Windows 7 End of Life

We have begun communicating with libraries through blog posts that not only is Microsoft ended support for Window 7 on January 14th.  Craig and Emily are working with libraries who still have Windows 7 computers.  On March 31st SCLS will disable network access for all Windows 7 computers that are on the network.  The ONLY exceptions will be sorters and self-checks.

Enterprise Wireless Implementation

The Meraki wireless implementations are still ongoing.  40 sites and 130 access points have been implemented.  Libraries have not reported any issues so far.

Windows 10 1909 Feature Update

Windows 10 staff stations have been upgraded to the 1909 Feature Update.  There are a handful that have not received the update because they have not been turned on for a while.  We will begin to focus on the Windows 10 public computers in February.

It is also worth mentioning that the NSA discovered a major vulnerability in Windows 10 in January.  We were able to send out Microsoft’s patch the same day it was released.

New Network Firewall

On Saturday, January 25th we had planned network downtime so that we could replace our FreeBSD-based firewall.  The new firewall is an industry standard model that will be easier for us to manage and maintain.