Technology Report


Support during pandemic closures

As libraries rapidly closed, SCLS technology staff scrambled to:

        Keep the SCLS COVID-19 page list of library statuses up-to-date

        Make MyPC adjustments

        Re-image patron laptops for staff use

        Provide an option for library staff with SCLS-supported laptops to have remote access to their libraryís file share

        Iron out how SCLS Help Desk services would be offered while SCLS staff are working remotely

        Support SCLS staff who were also transition to working remotely

Itís been a stressful couple of weeks and we appreciate everyoneís patience as we work out the details and do our best to continue providing support.

Support information and updates can be found on the SCLS COVID-19 page:

Enterprise Wireless Implementation

The Meraki wireless implementations are still ongoing.† 42 sites and 175 access points have been implemented.† We are just waiting on some libraries to complete cabling projects before we can finish this project.

Authentication for new Online Resources

Staff worked with ProQuest to extend Ancestry Library availability for remote users and are working with libraries on authentication for additional Online Resources that libraries are adding.

Windows 7 End of Life

Thank You!!† Every library now has a plan in place to eliminate Windows 7 from the SCLS network.† Our deadline of 3/31 has been met.† There are still a few computers out there with Windows 7 because our field techs canít get to them due to COVID-19 but they will be removed from the network when itís safe.† This is a huge accomplishment!!

Backup Collaboration

The backup team hit a few milestones in the past weeks.† First, all the equipment is not racked at both data centers.† Second, we have completed the network configuration plan for the IDPA and submitted it to Dell.† The next step is to get our core networks upgraded and then get the systems turned on and ready to be configured.† Our timeline will be impacted a due to COVID-19.

Census Shortcut

The census shortcut has been placed on all patron computers.

SSL Certificate Renewals

Every two years all SSL certificates need to be renewed to keep our web services secure.† The web services team along with some technology team members renewed every SSL cert and made sure there were no issues.