Mobile App Work Group Minutes

May 20, 2020, 1:30 pm

Phone/video conference


Present: Margie Navarre Saaf (MAD), Bailey Anderson (STO), Emma Cobb (VER), Jake Iniechen (MAD), Eric Norton (MCM), Phil Hansen (FCH), Suzann Holland (MRO), Lauren White (PDS), Heidi Oliversen (SCLS), Amy Gannaway (SCLS), Rose Ziech (SCLS), Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS), Work Group Leader: Heidi Cox (MCF)  
Excused: None
Absent: Alex LeClair (LDI)
Recorder: Michelle Karls
SCLS Staff Present: V. Teal Lovely, A. Gannaway, H. Oliversen, R. Ziech


1.      Call to Order at 1:36 pm

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors.  None.

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda.  None.

c.       Requests to address the Committee. None.

2.      Action Items

a.      None

3.      Discussion

a.      Project plan

                                                              i.      Discussion: V. Teal Lovely displayed the plan that was listed in the previous minutes.  H. Cox reviewed the plan.  She added to the list of criteria “curbside delivery scheduling” and A. Gannaway added “mobile checkout.” 

b.      Next steps

                                                              i.      Criteria

1.      A. Gannaway started working on creating a web form with the criteria listed.  She will continue to work on this and finish it before the demos. 

                                                             ii.      Vendors

1.      Demo schedule update: The group viewed the poll of acceptable dates.  After some discussion, they decided that June 24 (am), June 25 (am), June 26 (pm), and June 30 (pm).  We’d like to get these done in June.  We will discuss what vendors we will contacting next.  We want to make a proposal at August meeting and then start working on implementing the new app. 

2.      Vendors: Several members of the work group felt Bibliotheca should be removed from the list because of poor past customer service.  Do we need to look at LibraryAnywhere?  LibraryAnywhere is on the list but they aren’t offering anything new, so we don’t need a demo since they are our current vendor.  We need to find out more about Bibliocommons and see if you have to purchase their OPAC in order to use the mobile app.   If this is the case, it could be eliminated from the list.  The group decided we should create a survey to vote on criteria before the demos.  Solus, Capira, Communico, and Chilifresh are most prevelant library mobile apps in Wisconsin libraries. Conversite Libro seems like an ad-on to an existing mobile solution and focuses on voice activation. Conversite Libro will be eliminated from consideration. We can ask LibLime if any of these would work better than the other with Bibliovation.  We will work on getting demos scheduled.  A. Gannaway will create a survey with all the criteria by May 22 and send it out the group.  We will ask people to complete it by May 29.  The list can then be compiled and send to prospective vendors.  A. Gannaway and H. Oliversen can create a form that people could fill out during demo.  V. Teal Lovely will email other systems to find out what apps they are using to see if we’re missing any.  Do we want to come up with a list of questions now to ask other systems?  The group decided we could contact systems after the demos for further information.  Each vendor should give a profile (number of customers and where, support process, phone hours, etc.) to this group.                  

4.      Plan for Next meeting: we will schedule one after the demos. 

5.      Adjournment at 2:35 pm.


For more information about the Mobile App Work Group, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.


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