OverDrive Cost Formula Work Group


January 16, 2018

2:00 – 3:20

SCLS HQ Chester Room


1.      Call to order

A. Barnett, MCM video        W. Rawson, FCH

E. Foley, ACL phone           L. White, NGL

L. Ganz, POY                     P. Thompson, LAV phone

T. Herold, DCL

S. Lee, MAD    phone         J. Anderson, SCLS

L. Oathout, STP, video        M. Van Pelt, SCLS


a.      Changes or additions to the agenda: noted error in spreadsheet, Libraries were off due to STP being listed under Portage County.  Jean revised sheets during meeting.


2.      Review of charge

Work Group members agreed to charge.

It was agreed that the same formula should be used for calculating the Advantage fees.


3.      Discussion of scenarios on spreadsheets

Comments:  Want to move away from using collection expenditures as the only factor.  Any scenario that is not 100% collection based is good.

Unanimous no to using population as a factor

Consensus that the 75% usage and 25% collection expenditures is the most equitable formula.

Use the new formula for one year.  Can ask each year if members want to revisit the cost formula (similar to the ILS/Technology Cost Formula procedure).  WPLC may be changing their formula and/or adding periodicals in the near future so this allows flexibility for future changes for SCLS members.


4.      Next step:  Work Group will review corrected spreadsheets carefully to see how implementation impacts all member libraries and prepare recommendation possibly for the February AC meeting.