South Central Library System

Administrative Council Policy regarding comments from non-members



The Administrative Council welcomes comments from non-members and provides a place at the beginning of every agenda for such comment. 


Non-council members may address the council on any matter.  Individuals wishing to do so should identify themselves and their library affiliation to the Chair at the beginning of the meeting.  Should a group of people with the same viewpoint chose to address the Administrative Council, a spokesperson must be appointed to represent the views of the group.  The comment time is limited to five minutes per speaker and each speaker may speak only once.  The Chair may allow questioning of the speakers by members of the Council following each comment or at the conclusion of all comments.


If the comment does not relate to a matter pending before the Council, as printed on that meeting’s agenda, no action will be taken during the course of the meeting.  However, the Council, at its discretion, may refer such matters to an appropriate committee for further study.  If a matter is pending before the Council, the item will be debated and any action taken in the order set by the agenda.


Adopted by the Administrative Council  2/18/2010