Technology Committee


February 1, 2017

SCLS Headquarters


Action Items:

Present:  J. Schmidt, M. Gartler, M. Spellman (11-13) N. Myers (3), N. Rybarczyk (5), M. Heindel (7), T. Herold (9-10), M. Davidson (8), T. Frankland (2)


(The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)

Also Present:
 V. Teal Lovely, M. Van Pelt, A. Hoks

Absent: R. Mader (6), C. Danner (4)


Chair:  V. Teal Lovely; Facilitator: D. Jacobson; Notetaker: H. Moe

CALL TO ORDER:  V. Teal Lovely called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. 

a.                  Introduction of guests/visitors: Matt Heindel was introduced as the Cluster 2 representative

b.                  Changes/additions to the agenda: Remove item a. under new discussion:  cluster rep orientation (it is listed twice)

c.                   Requests to address the Council: None


Approval of previous meeting minutes:   T. Herold moved approval of the December 7, 2016 minutes.  J. Schmidt seconded.  Motion carried.


Action Items:  None


Requests for New Service:  None


    1. Cluster Rep Orientation (removed – duplicate)
    2. Review 2017 Calendar
    3. Discussion: Windows 10 on patron PCs:  D. Jacobson- Every time SCLS rolls out a new operating system we review feedback received from techs in the field.  There are two changes that SCLS would like to make prior to installing Windows 10 on the patrons pcs.  Currently Ancestry Library has a shortcut on the desktop.  This is left over from past LINK versus non-LINK needs – all libraries used to subscribe to it, but not all libraries do anymore.  SCLS would like to remove the desktop icon.  Ancestry Library will still be available on the SCLS database resources webpage. 

SCLS will also remove the Firefox browser from the patron image.  The Firefox browser is difficult for SCLS to manage as an enterprise solution – controlling the settings, setting home pages, doing updates, etc .-- as it lacks central management.  Firefox is under 5% of browser usage and Chrome far exceeds it. Firefox will remain on staff pcs, but not patron pcs.


A. Hoks noted Chrome is the recommended browser for LINKcat. Internet Explorer will be the default, but Chrome will be used for the catalog icon.  M. Gartler inquired whether SCLS has looked at TOR.   It allows traffic to travel through other IP addresses and is widely used by privacy advocates as a tool to protect online privacy.  IE, Edge and Chrome are controlled by Group Policy – SCLS configures these browsers from the get-go to maintain user privacy between sessions.  The Deep Freeze software also wipes patron data/history between sessions.  Everything goes through the iBoss filtering software.  N. Rybarczyk noted this may be a disadvantage to some patrons that use Firefox for filling out forms, applications, etc.  If this becomes a significant problem, SCLS will look into alternates.  M. Heindel expressed concerns from a patron assistance standpoint.  We want to make sure the browser works the same in every situation.   

M. Davidson inquired about how often libraries replace pcs.  Depending on the library it could be several years before they are replaced, therefore Windows 10 would not occur until then.  J. Schmidt inquired about the print management for Windows 10.

    1. Annual Cluster Representative Training & Refresher:  M. Van Pelt reviewed the cluster representative job description and meeting protocols.



Technology Report 2/1/2017


Items from Clusters:   None


a.       Plan for next Meeting:  April 5, 2017
Discussion: Review service priorities for May All Directors

Discussion: Preliminary 2018 technology budget proposal


Meeting Evaluation and Summary:

Meeting Adjourned at 2:05p.m.


SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.