Technology Committee Minutes

December 5, 2018
1:00 p.m.


Action Items: 

Approved the 2019 Technology Plan

Approved the 2019 Calendar

 R. Daley (1), T. Frankland (2), N. Myers (3), C. Danner (4), L. Stippich (8), T. Herold (9-10),  S. Kucher (5), M. Heindel (7), M. Spellman (11-13),


(The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)

Also Present:
 M. Van Pelt

Absent:  R. Mader (6), M. Gartler, J. Schmidt (11-13),

D. Jacobson; Notetaker: H. Moe; Facilitator:  M. Van Pelt

Call to Order: 
D. Jacobson called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

    1. Introduction of guests/visitors:  Jan Holmes, SUN, was in attendance.  She will be the new TC rep for Cluster 7.
    2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda:  None
    3. Requests to Address the Committee:  None

Approval of previous meeting minutes:  T. Herold moved approval of the October 3, 2018 minutes
. M. Spellman seconded.  Motion carried.

Action Items: 
Approve 2019 Technology Plan:  S. Kucher moved approval of the 2019 Technology Plan.  Motion seconded and carried.

Approve calendar for 2019:  T. Herold moved approval of the 2019 TC calendar.  M. Spellman seconded.  Motion carried.


Requests for New Service:

The committee discussed the two new service requests.  Both requests were similar in the fact that they were adding to the patron computer desktops.  One request came from ORE and the other from STP.  The Technology Planning team had lengthy discussions about each of these requests and made the decision to push them to the Technology Committee.


A lengthy discussion evolved over adding items to the patron desktop.  There were logistical concerns about who maintains the content behind the links, what names are used for the links, what icon is used to represent the links, and how are they arranged on the desktop.  As the conversation went on, the group began to focus on the overall user experience of the patron computers.  It was suggested that instead of looking at one or two requests, a thorough review of the entire patron desktop might be the way to go.  The trick in all this is to ensure that the computers are easily managed by SCLS, that they provide a consistent experience for library patrons, and can be customized to enhance user experience.  All these things need to be accomplished across three versions of Microsoft Windows.

A vote of those present provided the following results with 7 in favor of adding an icon and 5 not in favor.  It was determined that this is too close to call, so this topic needs further discussion. 


LDI – puts it on their website

REE:  in support for an icon

MPL: ok with it if it’s not labeled foolishly… look at it as a larger review.

DCLS: add it.  Call it “job help” and do review

MOO: don’t add until have an opportunity to speak to clusters

PCPL yes add.

MRO:  too difficult to add – causes too many problems.  Can it go someplace else? 

ROM: yes, personally – but majority of patrons want it cleaned up and the seniors don’t like change.

FCH: – no don’t add.  Up for discussion later, but not now.


D. Jacobson will add this topic to the next agenda and provide a print out of what the desktop looks like prior to the next meeting.  Please share the information with your clusters prior to the next meeting.  The Technology Committee will look into creating a review process for the patron desktop based on the feedback received.



a. Technology Report: You may review the report online

Items from Clusters:
M. Heindel noted the newspaper archive listing on the database resources links on the SCLS website have not been updated.  M. Van Pelt will follow up with this.



Plan for next Meeting:


Meeting evaluation and Summary:


Adjournment:   1:52 p.m.


SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.