Technology Committee Minutes

April 7, 2021 1 p.m.
Remotely via Bluejeans

Action Item:  None

Present: E. Foley (1), L. Schmiedicke (3), C. Danner (4), S. Kucher (5), J. Holmes (7), R. Mader (6), L. Stippich (8), T. Herold (9-10), J. Schmitt (11-13), M. Van Pelt, A. Hoks
M. Gartler, M. Spellman,
Joan Foster (2),

Chair: V. Teal Lovely; Notetaker: H. Moe; Facilitator: W. Allington

Call to Order:  V. Teal Lovely called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

    1. Introduction of guests/visitors: None
    2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda: None
    3. Requests to Address the Committee: None

Approval of previous meeting minutes: 2/3/2021

a. Motion: L. Stippich moved approval of the 2/3/2021 minutes.  R. Mader seconded.

b. Discussion: None

c. Vote: Motion carried.


Action Items: None


a. Technology Report - you may view the report online. 



            a. Review service priorities for May All Directors:  The technology break out notes from the all directors meeting were discussed.  MPL noted it would like to temporarily extend wireless outside the building for library programming but noted it cannot be on all night due to nearby residential areas (condos) and potential issues with people using the service outside the building after a certain time. MPL will put this in as a new service request.

            b. Preliminary 2022 technology budget proposal:  The document may be found online. 


Items from Clusters: None

Requests for New Services:

            a.  PDF software:  A. Hoks noted there was a request from MPL for .pdf editing software.  Currently, this is not available on public computers and if it is added, according to the SCLS policy, this would need to be standardized across the board for all computers.  Adobe charges $100,000/year and the committee determined to remove that option.  Lumin charges $15,000/year for web based service and the charge per computer would amount to about $20.  Is there an interest from other libraries for .pdf editing software?   A. Hoks will gather more information and present his findings at the May All Directors meeting.  The technology committee is also encouraged to receive feedback from their clusters. 

Plan for next Meeting:
 April 7, 20201

a.      Approve final 2022 technology budget proposal

SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


Adjourned at 1:50 pm.


TC Minutes 4-7-2021