Technology Committee Minutes

June 3, 2020 1 p.m.
Remotely via Bluejeans

Present: R. Daley (1), Joan Foster (2), L. Schmiedicke (3), S. Kucher (5), L. Stippich (8), T. Herold (9-10), J. Schmidt (11-13), M. Van Pelt
J. Holmes (7), C. Danner (4), B. Kopetsky (6),

Chair: D. Jacobson; Notetaker: H. Moe; Facilitator:  V. Teal Lovely

Call to Order at 1:00 pm

    1. Introduction of guests/visitors: None
    2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda:  None
    3. Requests to Address the Committee: None



Approval of previous meeting minutes: April 1, 2020

a. Motion: L. Schmiedicke moved approval of the April 1, 2020 minutes.  Motion seconded.

b. Discussion: None

c. Vote: Motion carried.



Action Items:

a. Approve final 2021 technology budget proposal

i. Motion:  T. Herold moved approval of the 2021 technology budget as presented with the 3.5 % increase with examination by November to discuss applying contingency funds to reduce the budget.  J. Schmidt seconded.
ii. Discussion: V. Teal Lovely provided an overview of the technology budget and changes. The budget is a 3.5% change from 2020.  The budget scenarios for 2021 include approval of a “cost to continue budget” as presented or to temporarily reduce the amount in the budget of the backup solution and anticipate using grant funds for future replacement.  Reducing to a replacement cost of $60,000 would reduce the budget by $11,000 in 2021.  The last scenario is to apply some of the existing contingency funds to reduce the budget and this would be done at the end of 2020 if local library budgets are hard hit. 
iii. Vote: Motion carried.


Requests for New Services: None

Discussion:  None


a. Technology Report  - you may view the report online.  


Items from Clusters: None
Cluster 1 inquired about whether SCLS could provide laptops and pcs with cameras for the member libraries since so many staff are working from home and it is changing the way they participate in meetings.  D. Jacobson noted laptops come standard with a camera through Dell.  If libraries are interested in external webcams, should SCLS include that option on the order form or would libraries purchase themselves?  There is nothing stopping either the libraries obtaining them or having SCLS add it to the order form.  The only problem is that the camera models can change quickly.  SCLS would recommend a specific name brand if that helps. 

Plan for next Meeting: August 5, 2020 joint meeting with ILS committee 11:00 a.m?  It was determined that there was no need for a joint meeting to discuss the service priorities and survey that was provided at the All Directors meeting in May since it will be easy to determine which items are for ILS and Technology.  The Technology Committee meeting will be at 1:00 p.m. on August 5th and will discuss the results of the survey regarding technology items.


SCLS staff is available to attend cluster meetings to share information and answer questions pertaining to this committee meeting and other departmental projects.


Adjourned at 1:43 pm.


TC Minutes 6-3-2020