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Getting Your O365 Email through Gmail


What you need to know BEFORE you do this:


  • You may not be able to use Gmail because of library policies.
    Because using Gmail means that your email will be stored by a third party, some libraries’ privacy policies and records retention policies may preclude using Gmail.   It is your responsibility to check with your library director to determine if you can use Gmail.  DO NOT continue this process until you know if Gmail is an option for you.
  • You will STOP using Office 365 and ONLY use Gmail to access your O365 email
    When you go through this process you will abandon O365 and move completely to Gmail.  The Gmail interface is totally different from Office 365.  If you are not certain you will like the Gmail interface or are not certain that you wish to stop using Office 365, we recommend that you continue to use Office 365.
  • This is a one-way decision!  There is no going back after you do this!
    When this process is complete all of your new email will be stored on the Gmail server.  SCLS will no longer have access to your messages.  The ONLY way to reverse this process is start over in Office 365.
  • SCLS will offer very limited support for any email problems
    Questions about the Gmail interface and how Gmail works will not be supported.  Problems with sending and receiving messages as a whole will be minimally supported. 
  • Subscriptions to non-SCLS email lists may not recognize your email account.
    Even though you will be setting up Gmail to look like the email is coming from your Office 365 email account, some email lists will see the Gmail address instead. While you should still receive email without an issue, you may have to contact the list owner to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the email list using your Gmail account.
  • You need a Gmail account
    Before you can move to Gmail you need to have a Gmail account.  There are two kinds of Gmail accounts; a standard Gmail account or a Google Apps Gmail account.  A Google Apps Email account is only available if your library signs up for it.  Most of you will just use the standard Gmail account. We do recommend setting up a separate Gmail account to use for your Office 365 email even if you already have a Gmail account. It makes managing your email and reply addresses simpler.
  • Your existing email, address book and settings will NOT be imported into Gmail.
    When you move to Gmail your existing messages, folders, filters, addresses, etc will not be imported to Gmail.  You will need to set this up within the Gmail interface. 
  • When an employee leaves, the Gmail account needs to be deleted and/or all Office 365 related information removed. Filling out the Office 365 account deletion form is not enough.
    When an employee leaves, they still have access to the Gmail account. Unless the account is deleted or cleaned of all library email, the employee will have access to all email they received through Gmail that has not been deleted and they still have the ability to send email that looks like it comes from their Office 365 email account. The Gmail account needs to be deleted or, if the employee was using a personal Gmail account, all library email and Office 365 email account information needs to be removed before they leave. This includes both the "Check mail from other accounts" and the "Send mail as" information for their Office 365 email account. Just requesting that the account be deleted will not keep the former employee from accessing the Gmail account, will not remove previously received email from Gmail nor will it prevent the employee from being able to send email that looks like it comes from their Office 365 email account, even if the Office 365 account has been deleted.


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