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iboss Test URLs

The SCLS block page

To view the filtering block page at any time, on any SCLS Network computer:

When invoked directly, the table that summarizes the offending website, policy number, etc. will show "NA" (Not Available), but you can still review the overall structure of the page, its policy language, etc. You can also test patron authentication for the adult bypass mechanism.

The SCLS block page when bypass is not permitted

This URL will never actually appear in production, but you may use it to preview the message that a user will see if the computer that they are using does not permit bypassing the filter. Note: a CIPA-compliant library must allow adults to bypass for lawful purposes, but may restrict some stations (e.g. Children's Room computers) in a way that doesn't permit blocks to be overridden.

Safe but filtered website

The following website has been manually added to the iboss website block list in order to serve as "safe" sites for testing and demonstrating the filtering technology. When your PC is not logged in to an adult bypass mode, clicking these links should bring up the filtering block page cited above. After logging in for an adult bypass, continuing to click on these links will display benign (non-porn) content suitable for all audiences.

Ending an adult bypass login

During the initial pilot test phase, adult bypass logins will time out after five minutes. To repeat tests and demonstrations more frequently, you can manually end a bypass login by clicking this link:


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