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Badgernet Fiber Optics


2014 Badgernet Upgrade Project


On February 4, 2014, a DPI press release announced a landmark agreement between the state and telecommunications providers for the Badgernet Converged Network (BCN) to upgrade network service at nearly all Wisconsin public libraries. SCLS staff have been working with DPI and DOA to plan for this project, and will continue to coordinate efforts throughout the implementation phase. This project will provide at least 10 Mbps of service to each library building, via fiber optic lines. The upgrade from copper to fiber will provide a superior quality of service and sets the stage for additional upgrades in future years.

Effects on SCLS member libaries

This project affects most libraries, with some exceptions. While the general benefits are similar for all participants, each library has unique circumstances to account for, unique implementation requirements, and its own timeline. SCLS staff will consult with each library about its specific conditions and timeline milestones.

No change in any library's SCLS technology or network service fees is expected as a result of this project. Network line charges are paid by SCLS, so any changes in these costs are absorbed in our annual budget and then postalized across all libraries through the service cost formula. By the end of 2014, the combination of all service changes in BCN, VPN and CAN network types will roughly triple the total bandwidth provided on the SCLS Network compared to 2013. However, our total recurring costs for all network lines across all library locations will remain about flat, in line with the 2014 budget.

For details about your library's involvement in the BCN fiber project (or other plans that SCLS has for your network service), please check the current SCLS Network planning spreadsheet (Excel), last updated 2014-08-28. This document will continue to be updated as new planning data emerges. In general:

If... Then...

Your library did not subscribe to any SCLS technology services (ILS, Network or Technology Support) for 2014.

There is nothing for you to do. Your library is not part of the SCLS Network or the BCN fiber project.

Your library already has BCN fiber optics installed.

There is nothing for you to do. You may receive a BCN bandwidth upgrade in 2014, but SCLS staff will handle all of the implementation details. No construction is required, so you will not have a site survey.

Your library already has fiber optics as part of a Community Area Network (CAN), or has firm CAN implementation plans.

There is nothing for you to do. Your libary is not part of the BCN fiber project. This applies only to locations with confirmed CAN implementation timelines. Libraries currently involved in purely exploratory CAN discussions will proceed with BCN fiber upgrades in the interim.

Your library was recently converted from BCN to VPN service on a Charter cable connection.

Your library is included in the BCN fiber project, unless you already have BCN fiber or a firm CAN commitment. Getting fiber optics installed is a long term strategic investment of such great value that it easily warrants SCLS undoing some of our recent VPN installations. In a few cases, continued use of VPN is the best strategy for the next year or two, with a return to BCN to be considered later. See also: BCN versus VPN.

Your library is moving to a new building in 2014 or early 2015.

Your BCN fiber implementation must be be incorporated into your construction and moving plans. Your new building will get fiber, your old building will not.

Your library was not excluded above.

Your site will be part of the 2014 BCN fiber upgrade project! Keep reading below for details, and stay tuned for further SCLS communications on the subject.

Information for all libraries having BCN fiber installed

SCLS staff will consult with each fiber project library on its requirements and timeline details. Scheduling details for each site are still being worked out, but BCN upgrades for most SCLS libraries are expected to be completed between April and October. SCLS will notify you as soon as plans for your site firm up.

The state and/or BCN providers will handle all contractors, permits and fiber network construction costs outside of the library building, up to and including outside wall penetration (if necessary). Any related e-rate subsidy paperwork will be handled by DOA and DPI. Any outside property disturbance due to trenching or other construction activity will be redressed. Badgernet and/or subcontractor representatives will communicate directly with the library to schedule their work and discuss its impacts.

Labor and materials for up to 250 feet of fiber run inside the library building will also be covered at no cost to the library. However, if running fiber inside the library building requires additional conduit to be installed, this overhead must be covered by the library in terms of both dollar cost and contractor oversight (bidding, hiring, scheduling, implementation and billing). Other minor building improvements, if needed, are also local costs. This might include plywood mounting panels, modifications to network equipment racks or cabling patch panels, or electrical work.

Each library having fiber installed will be scheduled as soon as possible for a preliminary site survey by BCN engineers and SCLS technology support staff. Site surveys are expected to occur 10-15 weeks in advance of the actual fiber installation work. During this site survey, all installation and upgrade factors will be reviewed to create your final implementation plan. If any inside building updates are required, the site survey will identify them. Acting quickly on any required building modifications will be imperative to ensure that BCN fiber installation contractors can stay on schedule.

Scheduling for site surveys will begin in mid-to-late February. A Badgernet or local telco representative will contact your library directly about scheduling. Please confirm scheduling with the SCLS Network support team ( ) to ensure that SCLS can participate in your BCN site survey.

Libraries converting from BCN copper lines to fiber optics may experience a service outage at conversion time, ranging from several minutes to several hours. This will unfortunately need to occur during typical business hours.

Project Updates

Scheduling assumptions needed to be revised by the state and telecommunications providers. SCLS libraries in this project will receive BCN upgrades from April through October rather than all being done by mid-summer.


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