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In the past, the SCLS network was available exclusively for use by SCLS-supported computers. With the approval of the SCLS Technology Committee, SCLS has added an “SCLS as ISP” option which is designed to allow libraries to connect non-SCLS supported devices into the wired or wireless SCLS network.

In the "SCLS as ISP" scenario, SCLS will act as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) only, providing the library-supported device with an active switch port that has access to the internet. In case of library-supported staff computers, the library may request the switch port also be configured for access to other SCLS-supported staff PCs. It will be the responsibility of the library to configure and support internet, printer, and other access.

If libraries wish to use the SCLS network as ISP, the director must sign a Memorandum of Understanding as there is some risk associated with allowing non–SCLS supported PCs to access the SCLS network. Libraries are welcome to use library-supported devices on the "Library-Wireless" wireless connections, but the library-supported devices will not have access to network printers or other resources on the SCLS network.

How to participate

  1. Review the "SCLS as ISP" documentation
  2. Review the "SCLS as ISP" Exceptions list
  3. Contact the Help Desk to sign up
  4. Print and sign the Memorandum of Understanding, and return it to SCA - Attn: Vicki
For more information, contact: